Thursday, March 8, 2012

Essaouria, Day 2

Alternate title of this post:  How many pictures of waves and fish does one need?
Firstly, though, here’s a cool painting I bought that I love.
In the morning we went and saw the cannons.
Then we went and took 1,457,219 pictures of the waves because they were so cool.  Kind of like fireworks.
IMGP0702   IMGP0705
And then when the waves went back the water was all milky white.  Really cool.
IMGP0706   IMGP0712  IMGP0714  IMGP0724
Then we went to the fishing port.
IMGP0725  IMGP0729  IMGP0732
This friendly guy buddied up to us right as we were walking in and started telling us all about the boats, and the fish, etc. etc.
IMGP0734  IMGP0737 IMGP0740 IMGP0741 IMGP0743 IMGP0745 IMGP0747 IMGP0749 IMGP0751 IMGP0752 IMGP0753 IMGP0754 IMGP0755 IMGP0758
See, friendly guy’s still showing us the ropes.  And the eels.
IMGP0761 IMGP0787
He even had a notebook with hand-drawn pictures of how certain fish are caught.  And he pointed out the Purple Islands in the distance and told us about them.
IMGP0767 IMGP0769 IMGP0770
Here’s friendly-guy again, and just notice the guy behind him with a bucket-hat.  Pretty cool.  The guy was a fount of knowledge and we offered him some dirhams, but obviously not enough according to him, for he started yelling at us, saying, “This is for children!!”  and so on.  But I told Brett we didn’t have to give him any more, and pulled him away.  See ya next time, Mr. Guide.
IMGP0785 IMGP0786   IMGP0790 IMGP0791 IMGP0793 IMGP0796 IMGP0799
This is where you can buy fresh-squeezed orange juice.  Oh my. Sooooo good.
IMGP0803 IMGP0809
Kitty.  Looking a bit starved.
Then we took our shoes off and walked along the beach and picked up some shells.
Somebody teach me a cooler pose than this please!
Then I rode a camel.  Just because.
IMGP0893 IMGP0897  IMGP0914
Back again through the port where the fishing boats were coming in.  It was very busy.
IMGP0931 IMGP0934
Brett told me to take a picture of this truck.  So there you have it.  Apparently, it is man-interesting (Brett’s own phrase).
IMGP0947 IMGP0948
Then we walked through some more shops, not the more touristy area, and there were tons of cool things to see, only whenever I asked, no one let me take a picture.  Sad.
IMGP0949 IMGP0951 IMGP0952
Also, there’s Brett with the sunglasses he bought and a Nutella and banana crepe.  I got plain nutella, and it was great.  But it reminds me of how every time you’d give someone a big bill (and we had a lot of 200 dirham bills because that’s all we were given when we changed money), they would take it and run to the next shop down, and see if that shop guy could break it.  Maybe then he’d get 2 100's, so then he’d take those and run across the road to another guy, who would have 2 50’s, and so on and so on.  So we would just hang out until sometime later the guy would come back with change.  It happened several times and was pretty funny.
IMGP0954 IMGP0956
So, Brett and I left each other for 2 minutes and I got asked out.  By this guy below.  So, Brett wanted to see if any fishermen had come in with sharks, which we had been told about by Mr. Friendly-Guide.  So anyway, he went over by the boats and I walked by these fish displays, where you could pick your own fish and then they would cook it up for you.  So anyhoo, I asked if I could take a picture, and he held up this crab for a second, but put it back down, so I asked him to hold it up and I took this picture and then he said we should get coffee together when he was done working.  Oh yeah!  And I forgot, he asked where I was from (like everyone does) and I said America, and he offered his hand to shake, so I shook it, and then he twirled me under his arm.  Ha ha.  So flirty.  When I met up with Brett again and told him about it, he said, “Did you tell him you’re married?”  and I said, “No! I want to keep my options open.”
We took these pictures of this random pair of pants, because it’s just like the Dr. Seuss book, The Pair of Pale Green Pants with Nobody Inside Them.
IMGP0967 IMGP0968
Then we continued to get sunburned while we walked out on the rocks.
IMGP0993 IMGP1028 IMGP1044 IMGP1058 
Another shop.
This guy was really nice and played a whole bunch of instruments for me.
See how red I am.  Silly me.
IMGP1127 IMGP1129 IMGP1091
Next up- my favorite pictures ever in the whole wide world!!


Andrea said...

How in the world did you decide what the get Kami?? The hats or the instruments???? I must know.

emily ballard said...

Your double peace sign poses do make me smile.

Anonymous said...

The water does look like white milk and beautiful scenery. There are tons of different fish!!! Looks like a fun day. Mom

Bunch of Bradys said...

So many memories!

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