Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Essaouria, Day 1

So these are some pictures from the bus from Marrakech to Essaouria.


As we drove through this one tiny little town, there was a ton of dust being blown around.  Mini dust storm, I guess.

IMGP0468 IMGP0469 IMGP0470 IMGP0471 IMGP0473 IMGP0474 IMGP0475 IMGP0476 

And while we ended up seeing lots of camels in Morocco, the first one we saw was in a truck.

IMGP0478 IMGP0479 IMGP0481

Then we got there and walked through the medina to our hotel.


This was the view from our terrace.

IMGP0492 IMGP0493


IMGP0508 IMGP0510

Then we went back out and wandered around.

IMGP0524 IMGP0525 IMGP0529


IMGP0533 IMGP0534

Being so much farther south, the shops had a lot more African-feeling stuff, like deep-Africa.  Just look and see what I mean.


IMGP0537 IMGP0540 IMGP0549

This guy gave me his email address and wanted me to post this picture on Facebook.  No thanks.

IMGP0551 IMGP0553

IMGP0552  IMGP0555


IMGP0557 IMGP0558 IMGP0560

IMGP0561 IMGP0565

I so wish I would have bought one of these cool long-legged horses for my dad.

IMGP0563  IMGP0566 IMGP0567

IMGP0570 IMGP0574

IMGP0575 IMGP0577


 IMGP0579 IMGP0578

Then, when it was about 6:00 and we were waiting for the restaurants to open in an hour, we went out to this open area between the walled city and the boat harbor and watched the pretty sunset.  Lots of people were also doing this, and we got more offers of smokes.

IMGP0589  IMGP0595


IMGP0603  IMGP0612  IMGP0620

Then we went here and had dinner.


I had couscous and Brett had a pastilla.  It was alright but not phenomenal.  A cat came inside and sat on an empty seat.


We really liked it in Essaouria.  More of it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I can not believe that you didn't get me one of those cool horses. That is it, you are officially out of the will.


Anonymous said...

There was definitely a different feel to it and different flair to the arts. Cool. Mom

Christine Merrill said...

I should have said last time you posted about it, but I forgot, my mom makes bastilla and I love it! It was sorta cool to see that they actually do eat it in Morocco :) I guess maybe it's like someone coming to America and finding out that we really do eat hamburgers...

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