Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break.

So, the kids are off school for three weeks for spring break.  It started out great!  Yesterday we all went for a long walk and had a picnic.

IMGP2061 IMGP2066  IMGP2069 IMGP2074 IMGP2075 IMGP2079

And that night Hazel gave the Family Home Evening lesson she had prepared- first she read a book about the plan of happiness (thanks Megan!), and then she gave everyone the puppets of themselves and we all went to the “Seshtol Kingndon.”  Awesome!


(Everyone has pretty great smiles in this picture because I almost fell backwards off the couch I was sitting on the back of.)

IMGP2086 IMGP2087


Alissa said...

ooh... i absolutely adore creative spellers!

Brooke said...

Have you ever noticed that your three youngest look like triplets in the pictures on the side bar of your blog!! They all look the same age!! CUTE CUTE!!!

Steve and Katrina said...

So just when you left the comment on my blog I had already uploaded my pictures and was working on a post:) I know I've been kind of a slacker lately.

On your last post, you can't tell the difference between Talmage and Orrin if you look at those pictures quickly. They look so much alike. And they are so so so adorable. All your kids are. I love how Jethro is looking so much like Brett as he gets older.

Oh, and Chandler took the picture of me and Steve. Not too bad for a 5 year old!

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