Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 Things I Dislike


1. Long fingernails on guys. Shudder.

2. Kids toothpaste. Hate the smell, hate the taste, hate cleaning it up from everywhere ALL THE TIME.

3. Gum. I hate seeing people chew it, I hate the smell, I REALLY hate when the kids leave it somewhere and I have to try to clean up gum from hair or clothes or whatever. That is why my children are never allowed to have it.

4. When you’re listening to a song, and right when it gets to the high point, someone turns it down because they say it’s too loud. It’s supposed to be loud- it’s the apex of the song. (Unless of course, I’m the one who turns it down, because then it really is too loud. Obviously.)

5. The phrase “Just sayin.” I know, I’m probably offending many people reading this, because it’s such a big phrase now, but for whatever reason/s, it just really bugs me. I wrote this whole big thing about it on our family website because someone said (wrote) it, and I figured I can at least vent to my family, right? And then they all mocked me the whole time I was in Arizona and said it to me all the time. Well, not everyone. Mostly Amy. That’s the kind of sister she is. :)

6. Uncomfortable clothes.

7. When someone is wearing a zippered or buttoned sweater and they let it hang off their shoulders around their arms. Hazel and Ethne do this all the time and I am always barking at them “Pull up your sleeves!” until I get annoyed enough and go zip their sweater for them.

8. When people do not wring out the dish rag and hang it over the faucet. I hate HATE having to pick up a nasty stinky wet rag from the bottom of a sink. AAAAaarrrgh! Wring out your rag!!

9. When people assign you feelings or thoughts that you don’t actually have. Or even if you do have them, but they’re just making an assumption. For a quick example, when I was in Morocco and we were looking at things inside this guy’s shop, and he invited us to sit down so he could show us some things. I kindof wanted to leave, but I was fine sitting there for a little while still, and then he stopped his spiel and said to me, “You’re angry. Don’t be angry- you can learn… blah blah.” I was like- I’m not angry! Or at least, I wasn’t until you started telling me I am!

“Sir, with no intention to take offence, I deny your right to put words into my mouth.”
Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island

10. When people talk about their health problems. Although, this is only some of the time, when they’re talking about something mildly disgusting, you know, like that character in books who is always complaining about their bowels or something. (Remember, I grew up with my dad always saying “it’s a long way from your heart” and “suffer in silence.”)

So, there you have it. 10 things I really don’t like.


MerryPair said...

Ok, so I know I'm not much of a commenter, but I just couldn't help but agree with you that men should NOT have long fingernails. I can't stand long fingernails period, but on a guy??? I felt that your comment, "shudder", perfectly describes my feelings!!

The Haws Family said...

I agree with your long fingernail thing too...especially toes if they wear sandals. Also, I HATE pulling wet dishrags out of the sink that have just sat there!!! Sterling told me once that he never did that because it was a pet peeve of his, but he does it ALL THE TIME!!!! (he tries to blame it on our sock monkey Murphy, but I know who it really is). Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

curious. what do you or Brett use to freshen your breath on fast sunday? because technically you can't consume a breath mint.
My pop-culture pet peeve saying is: "I know, right."
jessica Bell

Kayli said...

Hey Jessica-
On fast Sundays Brett and I usually just brush our teeth/mouth/tongue really well, and try to avoid getting too close to people (which is quite difficult in Switzerland where you greet people with a hug and/or 3 kisses on the cheek).
So now you know to stay away from us on a fast sunday. :)
I agree about "I know, right."

Rachael said...

I will never forget looking at my date's hands during a concert at BYU and seeing his loooonnng obviously carefully-shaped fingernails. Shudder! Shudder! Never ever ever went out with him again based on that alone.

Also, #2--good to know I'm not the only one who feels slightly crazed about this (toothpaste on the counter I can understand. But on the living room couch? Really? REALLY?!!)

Missy said...

OOh, number 8 is on my list. Especially if it has been sitting out all night. BLECH.

But I love gum. Especially Extra dessert flavor..... mmmmmmmm

emily ballard said...
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emily ballard said...

I agree with everything except the gum. I have no less than twenty packs stashed on top of the kitchen cabinets. And every once in a while I make my kids hurry and chew a piece on the way to school because their breath doesn't pass my smell test.

I can't stand the word "nummy". My mother-in-law and good friend use it on a regular basis. And it drives me crazy.

I'm afraid that I'm an offender with the health problems complaint, although I really do try to be discreet. My poor husband has put up with a lot. . . but maybe we are even because he lets his toenails grow so long that once in a while I have to kick him out of bed.

Amanda said...

Being interrupted at the pinnacle of a song, yeah that's irksome. Have you listened to Josh Ritter? He's awesome and I think you'd like him, just saying...(oops)

Anonymous said...

and, don't forget, "it will feel better when it quits hurting"


Anonymous said...

Brush your teeth with salt on Fast Sunday. It kills the bacteria and - no bad breath. To soften it - mix it with soda to whiten the teeth.
Mom R

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