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Before you read this post, turn this song on and have it play while you scroll through.  :)

Chefchaouen is a beautiful place and I really loved it. 


IMGP0012 IMGP0013  IMGP0016

IMGP0018 IMGP0021 IMGP0023  

 IMGP0031 IMGP0033 IMGP0034

This was down by the river where the women all do the washing.  This is also where we first got asked if we wanted a smoke.  It was certainly not the last time.  Tons of marijuana is grown around in the hills.

IMGP0035  IMGP0038  IMGP0040

Then we hiked up the hill a ways to the little Spanish mosque, for good views of the city.

IMGP0045  IMGP0049   IMGP0054 IMGP0056

IMGP0059 IMGP0066


IMGP0067 IMGP0068

Pretty squeezy.


IMGP0070 IMGP0072


IMGP0076  IMGP0078


IMGP0121 IMGP0127 IMGP0129 IMGP0135


Kids played soccer everywhere.  Brett and I want to start an organization to raise money to give kids soccer balls, because you can’t really see the ball here, but it was completely flat, and every few kicks they’d try to blow some more air in it.



IMGP0144 IMGP0145 

This is the terrace of our hotel.  It was so beautiful I think I took a picture EACH and EVERY time I walked upstairs to our room and saw it.  :)


IMGP0150 IMGP0151  IMGP0162 IMGP0166 IMGP0159 IMGP0171

More kids playing soccer.

IMGP0172     IMGP0184

So the owner of out hotel was a lady from Spain who had come for a visit and then decided to stay and buy a guesthouse.  She was really funny and quite helpful.  On the morning we left, it was quite cold (it was colder than we expected when we were in the more northern cities, and it’s not like the rooms are made for the cold- luckily they gave us a space heater, but I went to bed with pajama pants, socks and sweater on (apparently I didn’t need to pack any pretty little nighties)) and she was all bundled up moving around muttering “So frio!  These Moroccans never close the doors- they’re made of stone! …mutter mutter …frio!…”  Hee hee.  Anyway, she recommended this restaurant to us because it has good food, a good price, and has a fireplace – which I sat right by and was thankful for.  :)

IMGP0189 IMGP0190

It was our most favorite, most wonderful meal we had while in Morocco.  Brett had a beef tagine, which is sort of like a pot roast (they say it’s like stew, but I find it much less like a stew because you can eat it with a fork), cooked in a special tagine pot (which maybe I’ll have a picture of later on), and I had a chicken pastilla which my book says is pounded pigeon or chicken, almonds, spices and creamy lemon-flavoured eggs layered in a Moroccan pastry.  Mine didn’t have eggs, I think, but anyway they have sugar and cinnamon on top and it was DIVINE.  Brett’s was fantastic too and we traded plates a couple times.  DELISH.

IMGP0193 IMGP0194 IMGP0195 IMGP0196

All of these pictures are out of order—these next few are ones I snapped from the car on the way to Chefchaouen.

IMGP9978 IMGP9982 IMGP9991

We did some shopping- I bought a handbag and Brett bought some leather slipper/shoes.


And some wooden things- a little snake in a box that pops out when you pull the drawer open (Talmage was completely scared the first time we had him open it, and still won’t open it again), and a secret lock box for Jethro.  He was thrilled.



And I bought a blanket here so they were happy to let me take pictures and invited me to try my hand at weaving.  I stunk. 

IMGP0095 IMGP0100 


IMGP0107 IMGP0108

IMGP0109 IMGP0112 IMGP0117

Brett’s shoes.



The end.


The Haws Family said...

Yeah, it was blue to go with the music except for the big GREEN wall. Totally threw off the groove. Haahaa. It looks awesome Kayli!

Christal said...

Oh my heck blue and beautiful what a fun trip I LOVE reading your adventures you guys are having so much fun!! WHat a great trip awesome pictures!!! Lucky girl!! love it!

Kami said...

I love the shoes and leather bags and blankets, so cool! AND I love the BLUE! And you're right, the terrace is lovely. Maybe I can convince Leo to paint our house that same color of blue.

Lynn said...

Perfect song to go with this post! Love your trip posts you are sharing. Thank you SO much. I hope to see the world someday.....and I just added this place to my list. ; )

Christine Merrill said...

Wow, it's getting better! Can't wait for some more...

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