Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our trip – Plitvice.

So, we did quite a bit of driving, starting at about 4:30 am on Saturday morning. We went through Italy and Slovenia, and even got stamps in our passports at Slovenia and Croatia! (Usually we don’t get any stamps because the countries we’ve travelled through have been part of the EU.) The guy at the Croatian border asked in a really cool (think Russian) accent, “Where you go?” It was awesome.
We went to a restroom in Italy and there was a lady standing there waiting for us to give her a euro, and I kindof thought- gosh, aren’t restrooms a given FREE human right? Then later we stopped at a restroom that was THE nastiest, stinkiest, squat toilet restroom I’ve ever been in. And I thought- okay, I will happily pay my euro next time! (and then on the way home we stopped at a rest stop in Switzerland and they had squat toilets and Hazel exclaimed, ‘I thought Switzerland didn’t have squat toilets!”)
So. Croatia.
We were driving through a neat part of Croatia as the sun was getting a bit low and lighting everything up all golden, and it felt kinda cool because it was a village that seemed so real—people were out doing chores, or eating dinner, and just about every other house was bombed out and deserted. It felt more real than the other places we visited on our trip.Here are my pretty bad moving shots.
We passed this old lady all in black, with her black headscarf on, and since my camera was already out, I snapped a picture and was so so sad that it was so blurry.
IMGP4174 IMGP4182
Next stop, Plitvice—on countless lists like this one of most beautiful places, or best lakes in the world to visit.
So we stopped that night at our little bungalow/campsite near Plitvice. The next morning we had breakfast and went to Plitvice National Park. We swapped about 300 Euros (367 Swiss Franks) to about 2,300 Kunas. That was cool. Then we bought our tickets and started walking. The water was a GORGEOUS color and so clear. The boys loved seeing the fish.
IMGP4190 IMGP4195 IMGP4200
IMGP4217 IMGP4224
The kids wearing traditional Croatian hats in the souvenir store.
IMGP4275 IMGP4276
Cute little pictures on some chocolate bars.
We even got to go on a short boat ride.
IMGP4291 IMGP4292
IMGP4296 IMGP4299
IMGP4320 IMGP4327
To be absolutely truthful, I was a tad bit let-down by the park, but I think it was because #1- I had such high expectations (from seeing all those lists of it being one of the most beautiful places ever in creation), and #2- it’s the time of year when there is a lot less water coming down the falls. Most of them were fairly trickly. Not like in this picture, which was probably taken in spring:
Anyway, I know- I sound totally whiny when it was a beautiful beautiful place, but those are my real thoughts. It was a good day and I am glad we got to go.


Christal said...

oh my heck my dreams are what your adventure are made of seriously I would love to do what you are doing how cool!!! Great pictures its fun to see parts of the world through you how fun!!! Keep em coming! Love it!!

Missy said...

Wow, that water is so clear and beautiful! We are meaning to make our way to Croatia sometime soon... you'll have to give us some pointers.

Christine Merrill said...

Wow. I didn't know they made water that clear any more.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of the countryside--your picture of the lady totally reminded me of me trying to take pictures of people riding their burros in Colombia from a moving car. It was still cool even if it was blurry. I thought the place looked beautiful, although I know what you mean about hype. Also I want you to most more pictures of the countryside and houses. Those were my favorite. You should have made Brett stop and then wandered the streets a bit taking photos. Anyway,
I need to talk to you. Maybe I'll manage to call you tomorrow since all my homework is due tonight. Chao.

Anonymous said...

did you eat chicken?

The Expat Wife said...

wow it is amazing to see those photos as you travel, it reminds me so much of the travelling we did when living in Spain. Driving holidays really are the best! Seeing the way people really live in rural areas was so much more rewarding than flying into a city for a few days

Kris said...

Wow, I am loving the water falls and the beautiful crystal clear water! Water falls are definitely one of God's most wonderful creations! Breath-taking! I remember going to Williamsport Falls (how can I compare that to this though!?) and being disappointed that there wasn't as much water falling as I would have liked.

Anonymous said...

It is truly beautiful. The color of the water is exquisite. And seeing the fish and the lake through the trees. You are truly having a remarkable experience over there. Good to visit. Love you. Mom

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