Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Croatia.  Adriatic Sea.  Brela Beach.

Gathered freckles.

Pinked our skin.

Listened to the waves.

Savored every sparkle of sunshine.

Swam morning, noon, and night.

Inspected crabs, sea urchins, fish, and other creatures.

Dove off rocks.

Glided around the cove on our mattress.

Hobbled across sharp pebbles.

Swam through an underwater cave.

Discovered a secret hideaway.

Watched the sun going down in a beautiful painted sky.

Ate dinner on the terrace overlooking the sea.

Ate delicious figs, pomegranates, melon, and grapes.

Tasted salt every time we licked our fingers or kissed our kids.

Went to sleep to the sound of the surf and the feel of the sea breeze.

Delighted in the beautiful beautiful blue.

(Some notes before you watch this video- it is fairly long, for I like pictures and I have rarely had the chance to take pictures at the sea.  So if seeing a lot of pretty pictures and listening to pretty music pains you, you can skip watching.  Unless you’re also a masochist.  And make sure you make it big to watch.)

p.s. More info –and pictures- to come.

(Also p.s. If you’re reading this in google reader, you should know that I have finally added Orrin to my sidebar.  Yes, it took 10 months.  Also, there’s a new header, and I also added a google search box at the request of my sister.)


Anonymous said...

That was awesome! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Tracy said...

well I watched the whole thing, and I liked it! What an amazing adventure.

emily ballard said...

My kids watched the video with me while I was making dinner. Then they spent the night asking my husband if we could please go to Croatia someday. You are creating some amazing memories for your family.

Anonymous said...

Loved it Kayli!!!! I too can't wait for more pics. Good to talk to you. Glad you had an awesome time. Mom

Amanda said...

I love your new blog header. We're desperately needing to update ours.

Alyse and Carlos said...

So amazing Kayli, wow! If there was a "Most Fun Parents" award, you and Brett would win--hands down.

Christal said...

awesome love those songs and your cute family what a fun getaway a new corner of the world so so fun! loved it that was amazing!!!

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