Saturday, October 8, 2011


Last night at dinner Ethne said to Brett, "I'm going to tell you a joke, okay?"
And Brett said, "Okay."
"A tub with milk in it for water."
Then we all started to laugh at her...joke, and she said, "Is that a joke?"
Ha ha.

Today at lunch everyone was being crazy and horsing around, calling each other pansies and things like that and I said, "Everyone be quiet unless you have something intelligent to say."
And Jethro said, "I have something intelligent to say. 4 times 4 is 16." Then everyone laughed. It wasn't funny but everyone just laughed and laughed and Talmage started force-laughing which made me laugh even more.

This afternoon we were all out in the front room reading or whatnot, and Brett came cowboy-strutting in to us, with bananas in both of his jean pockets, and said, "Draw!" and then he drew his bananas and started shooting us.

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Rachael said...

Kayli, I saw a post on your blog years ago about Shades State Park and we just went there today and LOVED it! Thank you so much for posting about it as I would never have known about it otherwise.

So I was talking with someone in my ward the other day about how we both love your blog and agree that you a) have the cutest kids ever b) are an AWESOME photographer and c) you are always going on the neatest adventures with your family!! I always come away from your blog feeling so inspired. Thanks. :-)

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