Tuesday, September 20, 2011


1. I love this picture Hazel made for me.  Me cooking dinner with Orrin on my hip, Hazel sitting and reading a book to me, our orange light; however, there is no washing machine in our apartment (it’s in the basement),s o I’m not sure why that’s in there. 


2.  I got a haircut.  It was supposed to be a trim.  This is the picture I took to show what I wanted:


Basically I just wanted my hair evened out (since the front was longer than the back) and a few very minimal layers at the very front. 

This is how I came out:


Layers all OVER the place.  Didn’t my stylist realize the 90’s were over a decade ago?  Now I will get it cut shorter because me no likey all these choppy layers.  This always happens to me.  I cannot keep long hair!  Grrrr.

3.  I loved the smell of Orrin’s hair today after I gave him a bath this morning.  I kept smelling it and loving it all day.

4.  Yesterday Hazel said to me, “When you come to my school to bring treats on my birthday in 2012, could you dress nicely?”  Apparently I didn’t dress nicely enough in 2011.

5.  On Sunday we went on a walk by the farm and Ethne wore her flip flops which kept falling off all the time.  Once when she was particularly frustrated she yelled, “Idiot flip flop!”  It was so funny.

6.  I printed off this little “poem” sheet


for Hazel to fill out, and this is what she said.

I am sporty.

I wonder win the world stops.

I hear cow bells.

I see nauter (nature).

I want sonshine.

I am nice.


I pretend i'm a indian.

I feel trees.

I touch grass.

I worry win i'm home alone.

I cry win I hert myself.

I am wild.


I understand nauter (nature).

I say true words.

I dream that I kan fly.

I try my beste.

I hope I have a gud life.

I am kul (cool).

7.  I like when there are funny English translations on signs or things here.  For instance, on the bulletin board at church there was a information sheet about a service project, and across the top in big red writing was “Your help is mostly welcome.”  Ha ha ha!   And on a toy that I bought the other day—a toy that can be popped— it said, “Caution.  To avoid the sharp matter and point.”  Although with that one I don’t think it has anything to do with translation from German to English, I’m pretty sure that came straight from Chinese to English.  I see things like that all the time and find them so amusing.

8.  The other day I was walking Hazel to her friend’s house for a birthday party and we were talking about some of her classmates and things, and I asked her if I was seven years old and in her class would she like me.  She said, “Yes.  But you would be the only one with red hair.”  And I said, “…So?”  And she said, “Well, that would be not so comfortable.” 



“Awww- my big sister Hazel.  She’s always so nice to me.”



“My brother Jethro.  Whoa.”






 IMGP3932 IMGP3933

“Mom, are you seeing this?”


IMGP3936 IMGP3937





Anonymous said...

LOVE the last picture, too cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures and I love Hazel's comments and her poem and her picture. She is so funny. Fun times. And really........just be cooler in 2012!!! AS for hair, you should have asked me. I always do just what the client asks for!!!!!! So sorry. Love you. <Mom

Missy said...

My haircuts never turn out either. Especially when trying to communicate in German. Good luck on round two!

emily ballard said...

So funny. Love the poem and the translations and your red hair.

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