Sunday, August 3, 2014

Everyday stuff

The everyday stuff of a summer that has been 98% rain.

Diapers thrown into a tub with water in it.  Hint: I didn't do it.

We set up the tiny tent in the front room when we were deciding whether Jethro should take it to camp, but he ended up not taking it.  All the kids went to bed in their own beds, but in the morning we woke up to this:

Hazel after church last week (I should have made her go outside, the lighting is so weird):


Ethne after church last week:

 Talmage made... something.

This is a picture that shows quite well how wacked Wyatt's teeth are.  I've never seen a baby with such crooked teeth.  He's adorable.


Apparently he liked it.

My sister Amy sent me a present.  I loved this:

Playing outside with no clothes.

Football star--  I love his expressions!  So sad they're blurry.

I pulled out Talmage's bottom two teeth!

This kid steals my heart.

This week will be our last of summer vacation.  HOW DID IT GO SO FAST?!

1 comment:

Missy said...

Wow, that first picture is just fascinating. Who knew they could hold so much water?

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