Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sleeping in a tent in the mountains.

So Brett and I finally had a weekend where we had nothing on and the weather looked at least somewhat promising (meaning we had a fair chance at not being completely poured on at one point or another), so we went to the mountains to sleep in a tent together without any kids!

The idea had been to hike up to a lake behind First by Grindelwald, which is supposed to be a beautiful mirror for the mountains surrounding it, BUT we couldn't actually get there in the time we had (Brett came home at 5 and we were stuck in traffic for a bit).  So we went up by Rosenlaui and hiked up as far as we could make it before it was too dark.

Brett hikes fast.  He's tough.

There was a very spooky floating arm where we set up our tent.

It wasn't too cold which was great.  I had been a bit afraid of being freezing cold.  And we had brought a thermos full of tomato-zucchini soup and it was sooo delicious.  I was a genius to think of bringing it.  We had a very bumpy spot and I did not have a comfortable bed, but what can you expect from sleeping on the ground?

 Brett woke up really super early and we hiked a little way to the top of the nearest hill to watch the sunrise.  The cows also wanted to watch the sunrise, so we shared the top of the hill with them.  The sunrise never actually happened because the clouds covered it up about as quick as it was rising (though it had been clear when we got up, because we could see millions of beautiful stars in the black sky), and we got cold when we just sat and weren't moving around.


We ran into a cow parade on our way down.  Brett asked the farmer if he was taking his cows down off the mountain, and he told him that he was just moving them to a lower pasture, and that if the weather holds out he'll keep them up there until the end of September.

There were a lot of cows.  Very loud with their bells.  Their new pasture was where our tent was, and we were kind of glad that we hadn't woken up to them surrounding us, as it may have been a bit startling.  :)

The sun actually did break through for a second in one small part of the sky!



A little sawmill.


A timer picture.  Because I thought the occasion merited a picture of the two of us.

Good times.  I love my honey!


Alyse and Carlos said...

I vote for you as coolest wife ever. I'm glad it didn't pour on you. And I love the cows. Also, those pictures were stunning, as always. Happy belated birthday!

Andrea said...

Fun, fun.

Kami said...

Lovely. I'm glad you went!

Anonymous said...

Love, love the mountains and the scenery and the cows. I want to come back and do another hike.
It is so green. But it is getting cooler already????
And rainy - us to. It is funny how Logan and Bern have similar weather patterns.
Love you. Mom R.

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