Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jethro and Hazel

So I saw a picture on pinterest and suddenly I had to do a photoshoot with Jethro and Hazel.  And I had to get glasses for Hazel, and a vest for Jethro--which my sewer-extraordinaire sister Kami made, and I had to get a blue background (I found a curtain for 3 francs at the second-hand store that was perfect) and bribed Jethro and Hazel, and I waited for the perfect day to do it.  All because of seeing one picture on pinterest.  But I love how it finally turned out--and really, why not have a photoshoot with my oldest two?  It was fun!

However, after all the prep, I got a little too impatient and I decided to take the pictures on their lunch break (I am not kidding when I say that when it is not rainy and gray around here you have to seize the moment!), which I KNEW would not make for good pictures because of the lighting, but I thought if I took them to a good shady spot it would work out, but then it just did not turn out the way I had pictured, and obviously I HAD a picture in my head.  Also, getting the white balance right against the blue backdrop was nigh-on impossible, which killed some of my pictures (and why sometimes the skin tone is green and sometimes it's pink...grrr).  So then we had to try again in a different time and location, and it worked out better (though still far from perfect).  Here they are.







I had searched through a bunch of jokes and typed out the best ones, and this is when I told one that was quite funny.  Where does the president keep his armies?  In his sleevies.  I love these pictures.

This is when Hazel punched Jethro.  It was funny.

Hee hee.

Then I tried to take some pictures of just Jethro (he has a hard time smiling naturally and says his face starts hurting ;)  ), so Hazel stole his mp3 player.

And then we went home.


Kami said...

Oh I LOVE how the pictures turned out! SO cute. And your kids are huge and old. What happened??!?!?

Rachael said...

You are equally good at taking great pictures and growing beautiful kiddos!

Anonymous said...

I.LOVE.THEM!!!!!!! What cute cute kids. And yes ---
your kids look old!!!!!! Hazel is wearing such fashionable clothes that she looks grownup!! Grandpa says to stop growing them, enough is enough!!!
Love the poses.
Love you. Love you Jethro. Love you Hazel:)
Grandma R.

Andrea said...

My favorite was on the bench. So cute!!! I love your kids so much!!!

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