Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School

I'm going out of order here, but I wanted to post these cute back-to-school pictures of the kids (staged, because the first day of school was yesterday, but it was raining hard and dark yesterday).

But first, my oldest and youngest.  Awww, sooo cute!


Okay, first just the younger three because this was at lunchtime, and Jethro didn't come home for lunch on this particular day.  Today.  Anyway, here's the 5th grader, 2nd grader, and second year Kindergartener.

Hurrah for the Kindergartener!


So then Jethro came home in the afternoon so we took pictures of all the school-kids.


I can't believe how old this kid is.  He goes to the junior high school now which is crazy.   He has early day every day but still has Wed and Fri afternoons free.  Both he and Hazel have German, French, and English classes. 

Hazel has four early days but only two afternoons.

Here she is with her English books.

Geemanee my kids are looking so grown-up!!

And lastly, Wyatt reading a book with a bear.


Andrea said...

Kate, I am so confused. You wrote third grader but Ethne is holding up two fingers. You two need to get your story straight.

Kami said...

Yeah is Ethne in third or second grade? I had that question too. And they look cute. And if I hadn't know Hazel's glasses were fake, I would have been really confused.

Anonymous said...

Cute ,cute pics. Wow - Jethro is getting so tall. He towers above the kids. Love the shape of glasses on Hazel. And love the bear he is adorable and it is such a priceless pic of it and Wyatt!!!!! Ethne is growing - such a pretty little girl. Love the kids. Miss you all.
Love you. Mom R

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