Sunday, August 24, 2014



Jethro's anxiously awaited mp3 player finally arrived.  He's in love.

Wyatt is pretty transfixed by it too.


Trying to get a picture before church.  Trying to get all the kids LOOKING, let alone smiling is impossible.

Last Sunday we went to Brett's boss's house where a friend of his was visiting with his electric Tesla car, which the kids got to take a spin in, and Brett even got to drive.  He was perrrrty excited about it.  Then we went on a super short walk to a nice look-out.

Brett brought me home FLOWERS on my birthday!!!!  I was utterly floored.  Aren't they beautiful?  And then we went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant and I loved it.  I love Thai food so much.

Tea party.

This was from before school started when I had given all the boys a haircut.

This is us with mustaches.


Man I love this.


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Anonymous said...

how to rack up points Brett!!


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