Sunday, August 10, 2014


So tomorrow is the big day- the first day of school.  Which means, summer is over!!! Boo hoo hooo!!  I have been feeling all grouchy and picked on because our summer was so lame.  We did almost nothing because of bad weather and Brett's work.  We were going to go camping!  Brett and I were going to go camping by ourselves!  We were going to go do all sorts of other fun summery things, but no, it had to rain all the time.

Then in the van today we listened to Pres. Uchtdorf's talk from conference, 'Grateful in Any Circumstances,' (which is an awesome talk), and then I felt like this:

It was raining hard when we woke up this morning, but after church the sun did peek out a bit, so we drove down the road a ways to this place-
Spiez 600 Jahre Bernish
On a really sunny day it's supposed to look something like this (not my picture):

Spiez - castle in the fairy tale kingdom (1)

But today there were lots of clouds out.  Anyway, we had a really nice time and wondered why we haven't ever gone there before.  :)



There were several sculptures along the trail.  This one was cool--it was really large and carved into a tree trunk, and had big nails in the top for hair.

Because of the cloudiness/shady trees on one side, and the bright, reflective water on the other side, my camera was having an awful time getting color right.

Another sculpture, out in the water.


I was jumping up and down on that stick and then it broke and I fell.  I screamed a little, and Hazel said, "I told you not to jump on that."  :)


Trying to take a cool picture with Jethro.  Brett's like, "You just look tired Jethro."


Pretty good for a timer picture.

The end.

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