Sunday, July 27, 2014

Picture Trials

For some reason (oh, maybe because he's like every other 18-month-old male in the world) this kid REFUSES to cooperate for a really nice, 5x7-on-grandma's-wall quality picture.  WHENEVER I take him out, he decides to be in a super, extreme, not-to-be-cajoled-out-of ORNERY mood.

I brought Hazel with me as my assistant to try to get smiles, and I had a little bag of tricks, but he refused to smile and instead played with rocks and got himself all muddy.

These two are the closest to smiles we managed.  This one looks more like an evil, I'm-taking-over-the-world laugh though.

Then back to ornery.  WHOA- that is scary.

 Obviously, I still love him and think he's the cutest thing in the entire universe.

See the mud on his sweater.  Naughty kid.

Kisses for his horsey.

And then he'd had quite enough and wasn't afraid to voice his opinions.

And then he got to come home and have a bottle of milk to soothe his pain.

I'm not sure why, but I pretty much adore this ornery face picture.

Oh the anger.

And two seconds later, running around the house happy as can be. Where was that smile when we were out in the field???


Rachael said...

I think the 6th photo down as a great hang-on-the-wall option! It captures that joie de vivre that I think your blog embodies very well.

Kami said...

Mom said to just send her the last one. I love the sweater and his hair. Adorable.

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