Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hazel's Art Party

Today we had Hazel's friend party- an art-themed shindig- and since Brett's watching a soccer game, I may as well post about it right now.

Here she was a week or so ago, making her invitations.

I put forth a small effort at a rainbow-cupcake tower (because I really didn't want to try a rainbow cake, but liked the idea of a rainbow something).  It was a bit more like the Leaning-Rainbow-Cupcake-Tower-of-Pisa though.  :)

She had three friends come and they played some fun games.  First they played Blindfold Masterpiece, wherein they took turns being blindfolded and drawing for two minutes on the poster.  We picked to have it be a forest, and it was very cute and everyone laughed when someone would try to draw a mouse and the body would be one place and the ears another place and the whiskers another place.

Then they played Pass the Portrait.  Everyone had a piece of paper that they labeled with their name and drew an outline of their head.  Then they passed it to the next person who drew another feature, such as the nose or hair or mouth.  It was also enjoyed, except by Jethro, who became overwrought that his portrait turned out looking like a "fat weirdo."  :)

Then we had fruit salad in icecream cones and cupcakes.

Hazel opened her presents, and then they danced/played keep-away for a while, while I cleaned off the table.

Then they decorated white t-shirts with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol (such as is explained here on this blog (as well as several other places)) and I loved how they turned out!  I should take a close-up picture some time because it's cooler than it looks in the far-away picture.  It was a really fun project.  But Jethro and Talmage wished they had known that red would look pink after it bled out.  Schade.

Then they played and had fun and called their parents so they could stay longer.  It was a fun party.

The end.


The Haws Family said...

Looks like it turned out awesome-great job! I liked the leaning tower of cupcakes! Your kids are getting old looking. I thought the same thing on Kami's blog on Isabel's birthday. I realize my baby girl is turning 3, but your kids should all be toddlers as well.

Kami said...

That looked really fun! The shirts are awesome. You are an amazing mom.

Andrea said...

That looked like so much fun!!!!!! Loved the cupcake tower--much more awesome than a boring ole' straight up and down one would have been. More artistic. :)

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