Friday, July 25, 2014

Jethro is TWELVE!

So Jethro turned twelve!  Crazy guy, why'd he have to do it?  Oh well, at least we got to celebrate with him.

Hazel tickled him to get him to smile naturally. :)

Talmage was excited to learn he'd given Jethro some fireworks.

Orrin really was super excited because he DID know what he had picked out for Jethro- some tiny little super fast cars.

Jethro was very nice and let Wyatt open one of his presents for him.

He got some books, including the one below about the Vietnam War.  So after he opened that, the party was over cause he went to the couch and started reading it.  New book about a war! with planes! and tanks!  :)

And then Brett got him a quadricopter.

Here's Jethro on Sunday flying it.

Jethro is my favorite 12-year-old!!  And I miss him--right now he's camping with his friend Lamin, and then he'll get home tomorrow afternoon, be home on Sunday, and leave on Monday morning for the week on a youth trek.  He did call me tonight though and talk for a while.  I sure love him!!!!

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Rachael said...

I really love Brett's expression where he's watching Jethro fly the quadricopter. It looks like a mix between proud father and a bit of disbelief that Jethro is growing up so quickly.

And I really can't believe that you have a 12-year-old, Kayli!

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