Friday, July 25, 2014

Gallimaufry of Pictures

Brett  said that this picture made him look fat.

Hazel's weirdest reading pose yet?  Could be.

Had a rare good-hair-day.  Had to document.  Too bad I'll never be able to recreate it.

I don't know when this was taken, but recently we were watching some videos of us dancing and I had to take a still because Orrin looked hilarious.

I love tongue-sticking-out pictures with my babies (don't mind my weird-looking arm--my camera is really heavy, okay?).

(me and Ethne)

(me, Hazel, and Jethro)

Wyatt's become a fighter.  Small wonder, with so many older brothers fighting him all the time and older sisters kissing him all the time.

Uh-oh, going in for the bite.  Naughty!

Sk8er boy.


Joyful face:

Non-joyful face:

With his adorable friend Jeanne.

She's got the prettiest eyes!

Blue hair.

I put more blue in after this, unfortunately it fades out pretty fast.  And also unfortunately, the date I was planning on in the evening never happened because my date stayed at work too late.  Lame.

The end.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love the blue!! how did you do it?? hair chalk? my girls want it done badly!

ps hailey was talking today about all the plans she has to stay at each cousins house, and then she said, "except hazel. WAIT! i could just fly over there and then stay until they come bak to utah!!" so expect a child soon! ;)

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