Saturday, July 19, 2014

End-of-school stuff

Here are some pictures from Talmage's kindergarten class (we were given a cd).

Talmage is in the middle in a hat and suspender rain pants.

And here are some pictures from Hazel's class.

Many of these are from Landschulwoche, when they went to Kandersteg for a week.

Hazel said when she was roasting her wurst she touched it and said, "Oh, hot!" and then looked up and happened to be looking at a certain boy in her class, so then everyone teased her that she had called the boy hot.  That story made me laugh.  :)

Bicycle riding instruction day.

Ice skating.

Jethro with his awesome art.

Talmage's theme was pirates, so random days he would come home with facial hair.  I liked it.

A self-portrait.

A rat.

Ethne's cute self-portrait, and a dolphin.

Hazel's cool art.

Ethne with the dolphin she made.  It's hollow so you can keep things in it.


Anonymous said...

I love the art work! And Hazel always manages to look so pretty.


Andrea said...

Was that a teacher or parent nursing in front of the kids?? I LOVE Switzerland so much sometimes!!!!!!! Or maybe I was just imagining the whole thing.

Kayli said...

Ha Ands- I put that picture in on purpose and was going to mention it, but then I didn't. But yeah, it's their teacher who was on a maternity leave but came for their field trip. She nursed in front of them, let them hold her baby, and generally was way laid back about it all. Pretty sweet.

Steve and Katrina said...

I was going to comment on the nursing too!! I think that is awesome and I think Switzerland is so cool. Why can't kindergarten be like that here?? Kids need to be kids. They will learn what they have to learn in time.

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