Sunday, July 20, 2014





(Yeah, I missed a few years in there.  I know we went swimming, I just didn't get a group picture.)  So I took the kids to Murtensee on a nice day.  I really like the lake but am confounded every time I go that they don't make the beach a bit bigger.  It's really so tiny, but they clearly get a lot of visitors.  Oh well.



Jethro was mad when I told him he wasn't allowed to read his book while we were at the lake.  But then he had fun playing with the raft he had built and brought along.  He and Ethne also caught a minnow and named him Steve.  A little while later Ethne came to me and said, "Steve is dead." ha ha.

 This little dock was just so photogenic--I had to take its picture a couple times.



Pretty pretty pretty.  Can I have a house by a lake please?

I finally convinced the older kids to swim out to the platform.  Once there they had a nice time (which I knew would be the case... why do kids have to be so whiny?).

The end.


The Haws Family said...

so fun!!! Why can't all our fun beach days be together? And your kids look so little in 2010!!!!

Steve and Katrina said...

I can't believe how long you have lived there!! It is crazy how much your kids have grown up.

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