Thursday, June 26, 2014

Zoo and Hazel's name and Stuff.

A little while ago I took the kids to the zoo. Well, Jethro wasn't there; I think he went to the pool since he has a summer pass.  And we took Hazel's friend Jamina.

Bern's zoo is really lame, but that's okay.  It was still fun for the kids and I for an afternoon.

Hazel helps me out a lot with Wyatt.  :)

Did you know there is such a thing as a Hazel Grouse?  Well now you do.  Speaking of Hazel, I have a bone to pick with the world.  So, I liked the name Hazel for a long time, and Brett was on board the first time he heard it (wow) and I had not heard of ANYONE else named it except my great aunt.  So then we named Hazel Hazel, and eight months or something later I remember walking in to playgroup and my friend Margot said, "So I was thinking of you last night when I heard that Julia Roberts named one of her twins Hazel."  Thanks a lot Julia!
Since THAT I have heard it all over the place.  One of my cousins has a girl named Hazel, two friends from high school, friends of friends, I've seen it on innumerable blogs, and most recently (and the reason why it was again brought to my attention), John Krasinski and Emily Blunt named their baby Hazel.  Here's a link to her talking about her:

Look at this graph on the name's popularity, this first one is on the babycenter website itself (Hazel was born in 2004)-

 and this is from the actual U.S. population over many more years-

Now I realize there was already a trend going on for old-fashioned names, but so far, I have not met any Hazels that are older than my own.  So in conclusion, the evidence CLEARLY shows that after seeing how sweet, wonderful, beautiful, and bright MY Hazel was, everyone else wanted in on it.  :)

And back to the zoo.

This is Wyatt after he got in trouble for getting into a bag of sugar in the pantry.

I sure love him.  The other night I was being all mushy and I said to Brett, "You're my favorite person to love."  And he said, "Uhhh, no.  Wyatt is."  And I was all, "Well..... for the moment maybe, but in the long haul, it's definitely you."  :)

Derek and Brooke, the picture below reminds me of Karlee, what do you think?

Playing with window markers.


Kami said...

Ha. Ha. Hazel. That's what I think about Oliver. I thought of it, thought it was so unique, and then proceeded to see it everywhere. Err.. I love the picture of Wyatt on the floor, the one where he's not looking at you. So cute! And that made me laugh so hard about what you said to Brett. hee. Hee.

Andrea said...

I feel the same way about Cowen's name--although it isn't quite as popular as Hazel (I'm basing that assumption on how many Cowens I know vs. Hazels I know). Oskar is heading that way. Emeline is on the upswing, as is Harriet. Miriam, I'm pretty sure, is safe.

The Haws Family said...

Hey Ands there's lots of Miriam's in the Latin American culture. Two in our ward. And in ut I also knew one that was Latin American.

Ginger said...

But as for Ethne........I will only ever know 2. Your Ethne, and my sister-in-law Ethne. Do you know any others? Just curious.

Andrea said...

Lindsay, the name Miriam has always been quite common and has held steady in popularity since around 1900. It never dropped off the charts completely like Emeline or Harriet. However, it is not currently (and is unlikely to) experiencing a dramatic upswing.

Anonymous said...

Fun times at the zoo. Love, love the pics of Ethne!!! She is so cute. Way to practice Jethro. Love those of Wyatt.

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