Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Beach in France

So we drove to Provence on Wednesday after the kids got home from school.  The six-hour drive turned into eight hours because of some traffic, but it didn't seem too bad because we had a pretty good distraction.  I had signed up for Audible for the free first download, and we got the book 'Wonder' which I have heard several people say is really good.  And it was quite good and kept our interest. On later drives we listened to some books that we downloaded free from Librivox.  'The Light Princess' by George Macdonald is one I actually had recommended on my girls reading list post, but since I don't have that book here in Switzerland, Hazel (and Jethro) had never read it.  That was also a really good one.

Anyway, the next morning we went to the ocean.

It was a little cloudy and very windy and kind of chilly at first, but we all still had a really fun time.  Wyatt could scoop dirt into his bucket for days on end and still be loving it. :)

So here's a story.  Jethro was out in the water jumping around in the waves, much like in the above pictures.  I was with some of the other kids running back and forth along the edge of the water, and after a while Jethro came up and told me he had lost his glasses.  He had worn them into the water, forgotten he had them on, and went underwater.  It was a while before he even realized he had lost them, and he couldn't find them.  I felt soooo awful.  We went back to where Brett was and I was just like--what are we going to do?  Brett was not feeling so sympathetic and he said there was nothing we could do.  Jethro's prescription is saved in our zennioptical account, but if we went right home and ordered new glasses, of course they still wouldn't arrive before we went home.  I wondered if there would possibly be any 1-hour places in France, but seriously doubted it.  I just felt sick for Jethro--his trip was essentially ruined and would be just miserable.  So anyway, I took Jethro and Hazel out in the water and told them to pray and pray and pray!  We searched for quite a while, but I confess I had meager faith that we would be able to find them.  We came back in to Brett and he was starting to get our things together because it was time to go.  We all felt so bad.  But he took Jethro out one more time and told him to go exactly where he had been swimming.  Jethro went out, walked for about two seconds, and picked up his glasses.  What an amazing, merciful blessing!!!!

It was a very pretty beach, but so crowded!  And for the record, I hate it SO much when women go topless.

We went to a Carrefour to get groceries on the way home.  It was GIGANTIC!  Like a Wal-Mart.  Brett and I were overwhelmed.  How do people shop at such giant stores?

This was our little house and pool.

All the boys.


Missy said...

Hey! We are coming to Bern for a night next week. It's a bit short notice but we needed to stop at the Finnish Embassy (long story) so we will be in town. Would you guys want to get together for dinner or something? Let me know if you are free! It would be fun to see you again.

Anonymous said...

I love the story and glad it is recorded. It is so wonderful that you can go and see such beautiful scenery and a such wonderful places. It looks like you all had a wonderful time.
Love you,

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