Friday, June 27, 2014


I was going to put these pictures at the end of the last post about Hazel's birthday dinner, but then I decided to make them separate.

 Hazel is TEN years old!!

and I just wanted to say that I love my Hazel and I have loved every second of the blessing of being her mom and watching her grow from a little bitty baby to a sweet-voiced, chubby-cheeked, clumsy, pink-loving little girl, to the adventurous, fun, lively, and beautiful 10-year-old.  She is a wonderful sister, sweet sweet girl, and my very favorite oldest daughter.

Also, I was going to put these in order, but I've abandoned that idea too.  Brace yourself for a WHOOOOOOLE lotta cute!!  :)










Kami said...

So beautiful!!! I can't believe how big she is. Makes me sad. Sniff.

Anonymous said...

Love, love , love all the pics. What a beautiful girl -inside and out!!!! And ditto to what Kami said --growing up way too fast.

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