Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunday and Geocache

So on Sunday we went to church where some nice people translated for Brett and I, and I peeked through the window in the door and saw Orrin having the time of his life in nursery as he was shaking a maraca and whooping like an Indian as they sang Book of Mormon stories and ran around the room in a circle.  Every time they stopped he said, "Do it again!"

Girls NOT excited to have their picture taken with me.

Also after sacrament meeting I started talking to some other Americans who were there visiting.  They had 8 boys and 1 girl and were from Logan.  Turns out they own the main jewelry store in Logan--in fact, Brett got his ring there (anyone who knows Logan will know which one).  It was fun talking to her for a while.

After lunch we looked up geocache that was near our house.  It started out by this beautiful vineyard.

Unrelated note-- So I kind of love this outfit I'm wearing. Two things. 1) The shirt used to be a lot darker but I bleached it to make it this color.  Turned out pretty good.  2) I only have a tank top for any layering in gray, and I was always a little uncomfortable with how low the neck went down, then one time I turned it around and wore it backwards and it was just right. :)

This is where my favorite Talmage story of the trip happened.  Right at the beginning of our walk Talmage found a stick --not a stick like a branch from a tree, but some sort of cut lumber like from a pallet or something. Anyway, he had it, then Orrin wanted it, then they fought over it loudly for the next ten minutes no matter what we said. After that I took the stick and threw it down into the brush where it could not be retrieved. And then Talmage threw a HUMONGOUS fit with wailing and stomping and shaking fists. We tried to get him to look for a new stick and told him that he wouldn't even remember that stick in five minutes. And he yelled, "I came all the way to France to find that stick!! I will *NEVER* forget that stick!!!!!!" It was pretty much hilarious.

Most of the kids were being super whiny for some reason, so after quite some time, we ditched some of them.  Jethro, Ethne, and Orrin just waited on the side of the trail while Brett (with Wyatt in the backpack), Hazel, Talmage, and I carried on.  Talmage was still whiny though.  He was really angry at me for not bringing any water.

We found ruins of some old building.

The trail kept going though.  And going, and going, and became very very steep.  This was something we hadn't realized from reading the geocache description, and I was wearing flip flops, but we knew we were getting close so we just kept going.  Actually, Brett got so far ahead of Hazel and Talmage and I we couldn't even see him.

Finally though, we made it to the place we were supposed to be.

It was a pretty amazing view.

Talmage found the geocache.

Then it was back down all the rocks and steepness (I do not recommend hiking in flip flops) to see if our children were still alive where we had left them.  They were.

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

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