Sunday, June 15, 2014


So the last day of our vacation we went to the Aquarium in Montpelier.  It was really cool and the kids dug it.  It was great to go on a Tuesday morning because besides a few little school groups it was pretty empty.


I love the jellies.

And the rays.

This particular attraction was hands down the favorite for Talmage.  It was a room made to feel like you're driving a ship through a storm, with sound and motion effects.  After we had gone through the whole aquarium, we went backwards through it so that we could stay here longer.

They have some penguins.

And just look what Hazel pointed out to us!!!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!

So Jethro posed by Jethro (okay, we don't know if it was really Jethro, but it's our Jethro stand-in).

Sharks are mean-looking, man.


We all got to touch some sea creatures.

The saw-nosed guy is pretty sweet-looking.

"Are you getting a picture of this?"

Wyatt is so cute in the penguin village.

The only picture that proves I was there. :)

The end.

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Christal said...

Seriously cool!! You guys have the best adventures!!

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