Friday, June 27, 2014

Hazel's Birthday Dinner

We had Hazel's birthday dinner a few days early because Brett was in Munich for a conference on her real birthday.  She asked for shrimp for dinner because apparently she had some at Aunt Megan's house last summer and liked it.  Spoiled. :)  We never have shrimp because I don't like it.  But I did make some coconut shrimp alfredo for her and it was pretty good.


10 candles!

Very out-of-focus picture and Wyatt looks very crazy-scary, but we do all love Hazel!

Books!!  (The first two of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place series)  Jethro tried to steal them and read them first because he thinks he owns every book in this house... but we got him sorted out.  :)

I love the suspense that the other kids have watching the present-opener.  :)

Rollerblades!  The other kids have all also tried to steal these.

And... riding boots!  Fancy.  They are too big however, and I can't take them back so she'll have to wait to wear them I guess.

Tonight Brett and I took her out to dinner for her 10th birthday date.  She chose to have Doner Kebabs, and they were very good.  The guy at the kebab place just randomly gave her an icecream cone afterwards.  He must have sensed it was her special night.  :)  Brett also bought her a pocketknife.  When we got home we walked to the bench overlooking the farms and had 'the talk.'  Fun night.  I love my Hazel Bean!


Kami said...

So cute! She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

how did "the talk" go????
Lindsay Ann

Kayli said...

It went well, Lindsay. At least, she seemed pretty laid back, not at all the super embarrassed/horrified/silent person I remember being when I was in her place. :)

Missy said...

Oooh. I would love more details on "the talk". We are thinking about having the first of many "talks" soon and I am interested in what exactly got covered at age ten... :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Is she really thai old --- to have "the talk'?
She is a cutie.. Happy Bday Hazel!!

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