Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pretty much Wyatt just makes crazy faces now.

I love the way Wyatt's leaning on Talmage and how they're holding hands.  So sweet!

Tubby time (by the way, the tub has some yellow chamomile stuff in it that they gave us after Wyatt's surgery... it's not pee)

We walked up through the farmer's fields on Sunday, and the kids kept lying down in the tall grass so we couldn't see them and then jumping out.  I regretted not bringing my camera, so I had to use Brett's phone but I seem to have lost the pictures of the kids in the field, and just have the ones of Wyatt left.  I love his little blonde head!!

We bought Talmage and Ethne new, bigger bikes off of Ricardo (the Swiss version of ebay) and so we went on a bike ride.  Wyatt was so excited to be bike riding that his face looked like this:

Before the bike ride:


This was later that afternoon, playing in the back.  Wyatt's faces were so crazy I had to grab Brett's phone again (it always seems handy but then I regret the poor quality).

Playing with a rope.

What IS that??


Andrea said...

Are you sure you had a baby and not a weird mutant creature? Those are some pretty crazy faces. Love Wyatt's shoes.

Kami said...

I love his faces! And the before and after photos from the bike ride, so classic.

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