Monday, April 28, 2014


So on Good Friday the kids woke up to find that the Easter Bunny had visited, and left some candy in the front room, along with this note.  (Who knew the Easter Bunny was such an all-out admirer of amazing alliteration?)

So then they went outside to do some searching all around the yard.

Wyatt woke up just as we were heading out, so he came out too.  I love how everyone is looking sleepy-eyed and shaggy-haired.  :)

All the presents were found and everyone got the ones with their color of ribbon and then they opened them.  Turns out the Easter Bunny loves books (or knew we love books anyway)!

And then from Sunday morning.  It was chilly out, and of course we were rushing to church, so no time to try to get a 'perfect' shot... at least we got 5/7 looking.  :)

Also, I ♥ Brett and Hazel's matching black eyes. :)

I made Hazel's skirt and Wyatt's, Orrin's, and Talmage's ties.  I plan on finishing a couple more things and then taking some better pictures of the kids.

Finally, here's a video of Hazel with her Easter goodies in the morning.

Okay, actually it might have been from a few years ago, but I love it.  Also, she had a bruise under the same eye that Easter.  :)

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Rachael said...

So what books did that boisterous bunny bring?!

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