Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another operation for Wyatt

Wyatt had a little operation yesterday on his boy parts.  We got up bright and early and took him to the hospital at 6:45.  They gave him some medication to make him drowsy, and then took him to the operating room.

They said they had a hard time getting an IV in.  They eventually put it in his foot.

Brett went to work and I went to a stairwell where I read a book.  (It was a parenting book, and I was both glad and sad that I had not brought anything else with me.  Glad because I would otherwise just leave the parenting book sitting on my night stand but never actually read it, sad because I wanted to read something more exciting.  Although it was actually a good parenting book.)  Then when they were finished with the surgery, they called me and I went down to the post-op room and sat by him until he woke up soon afterwards.

Brett came over and stayed with us for an hour or so until he was okayed to go to the other room.  Wyatt was surprisingly chill when he woke up.  He didn't even cry right when he woke up--all the sudden he just rolled over and started pulling himself up on the handrails.  He acted a little sad, but when we gave him milk and yogurt and a cracker he was fine.

Still tired though, poor guy.

I was really really surprised how happy he was the rest of the day.  By the afternoon he was crawling around his bed and playing, charming our roommates.  For a while I took him out in the hall and pulled him around in a little wagon and let him play with some of the toys out there.  In the picture below he was throwing toys over the rails so that I could pick them up and give them back to him and he would throw them down again. :)  And he really was smiling a lot, it's just I only had my really bad phone camera and most pictures turn out blurry.

When the doctor came around at 6:00 or so, she gave us the okay to go home.  Wyatt went to bed a bit late and slept until 9 in the morning.

All the kids were very sweet to him, and today he was completely happy and playful.  The only time he would even seem to remember he had an operation the day before was when I would change his diaper/dressings (obviously).  That's rather sad.  Talmage and all the kids watched me change them once, and Talmage said, "What if a bunch of bad doctors came in and kicked all the good doctors out and did that to his penis and didn't give him any medicine?"  What a startling and disturbing question.

Here he is today, looking so cute and happy. :)

The kids played doctor in sympathy.

Wyatt was feeling so much better he even made a little mischief and pulled out a couple pea plants (luckily he wasn't on a rampage and didn't pull them ALL out)-

Man this spring has been so wonderful!!! I remember last year this time all it did was rain every day all day for months.on.end, but this spring it is golden and perfect and delicious.  It makes me so happy.  Here are some pictures taken out my window this afternoon.  

Hazel and Talmage took out some books and laid on a blanket under the tree reading them.

Ethne on the swing.


Lynn said...

Awwww. Tugs at your heartstrings. It brings back a lot of memories of our third little man who had to deal with the same thing. Glad Wyatt is doing much better.

Andrea said...

Kate--those last few pictures should be in the dictionary under "idyllic."

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