Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Few Things

Yesterday Talmage said to me  "Mom, can you log me in to soccer?"  He meant can I sign him up for soccer.  (That was after seeing a picture of his cousin Elena in her soccer uniform.)  Then he told Brett about how he plays soccer at school and he is really fast and he gets faster and faster every day- ALL IN GERMAN.  I love hearing him speak German. 

 A long time ago I promised a video of Ethne and Talmage mutton bustin'.  Here it is.  Watch closely, they're at the beginning:

I think Talmage looks so grown-up in this picture!  Almost like he's the older brother, not the younger.

I freezer paper stenciled a shirt for myself.  I was going to do a whale, but then I saw this little Indian girl and decided to do her instead.  I tried to take a picture of myself in my mirror to show off my shirt.

Then Jethro offered to help me out and take one of me.  I really hate how Indian girl is off-center.  Careless, tsk tsk.

To end with, the cutest boy IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!  Brett says he's just like a little puppy right now that you just have to play with and snuggle and laugh at.  He makes my heart so so so happy.  Here he is puckering up for a kiss.


Anonymous said...

Great video--great memories--great cowboys & cowgirls !!!

Anonymous said...

THAT.WAS.AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Definitely worth taking all the flac at church from people who said I was abusing my grandkids by making them ride a sheep!!!
Like Dad said in the above comment --- great memories and tough kids!!!!


Kami said...

Hey you should give credit where credit is due, I made that video! Good times. And Talmage does look older. Weird.

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