Wednesday, April 2, 2014


On Sunday we looked up a geocache so we could go see somewhere new.  I love Sunday afternoon walks with my family!

I was not clear as to why Talmage brought along this hockey stick, but he had fun swinging it around.

I forced them to take a picture together since I had taken the effort to put bows in their hair for church.  Aww, so cute.

We never found the cache, although we did find the first clue, but it was fine because everyone just wanted to play with the rocks and water.

Brett likes to dip kids' heads in the water.

Hazel died.

Smiling even in death.  Anne of Green Gables would be proud.

I was there too.

See--once again Brett's dipping a kid's head.

Jethro put up a good fight and clung like a monkey to stay out, but eventually he got a wet head.

Green growing things.

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Sarah Harward said...

Sometimes I'm so stinking jealous of you! And I'm not jealous of many people, so that is supposed to be a compliment! :)

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