Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jumping on the Bed

Saturday pictures (notice Talmage in the top two):

So the kids just started Spring Break which lasts three weeks, so I let them skip their normal Saturday's work on Saturday and instead play play play!  (They had to do their jobs today instead which did not meet with as much enthusiasm as the playing did on Saturday.) :)

Brett helped a family in our ward move, because we have a van, so we do all the moving for everyone in the ward.  :)  Then he had to go to work.  When Dad's away the kids will play!

Tonight Brett's on the night train to Leipzig.  He'll come home in the middle of the night tomorrow night.  Tonight he was trying to have me help him pack his suit so that it wouldn't get wrinkled.  In his backpack.  I was like, I really don't think it matters how you fold it if you just stuff it into your backpack afterwards.  :)  But he puts it in his backpack because he rides his bike to the train station.

Aren't my boys cute?!

Boys like wrestling.

Cute girls.

This morning I got a phone call and it was the lady from the dentist office and Ethne was late for her appointment that I had completely forgotten, so I told the lady we'd be there in funf minuten and Ethne quickly got dressed, I threw on a hat and I drove her there.  She got some sealants.

I can't believe it's already April.  Crazy.

Looking at these pictures one might think the kids sit nicely on the floor playing together peacefully all afternoon.  Not true.  And they're somehow always shocked and appalled that I expect them to clean the toys up after they finish playing with them.

I decided to get some pictures of this kid.  He's strange.

But devilishly handsome!

His superpower is making his eyes go really big.

Wyatt's superpower is being tremendously adorable!  Obviously.

Brett keeps telling me to trim Wyatt's hair.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!!? That's not gonna happen.

In an effort to get some more natural smiles, I started discussing having a spy party for Talmage's birthday (he never has had a friend party yet).  He was enraptured.

At one point he said, "Are you lying, Mom?"  Perhaps I tease my kids a little too often?  Nah.

I sure love him!

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Kami said...

Your kids look HUGE!!! Tell them to stop growing already. And that blue on Talmage looks incredible. Very nice photos of him.

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