Monday, July 30, 2012


This photoshoot/post was inspired by this song and video (and it’s a good song.  Jethro’s favorite, in fact):

Okay, also by the pins on pinterest that show how to color hair using chalk pastels.  Although we didn’t use chalk pastels, we used pencil crayons that turn watercolor when you add water.  You know what I’m talking about?  Anyhoo, Ethne ended up looking quite punk rockerish.  I think her hair turned out AWESOME.  (p.s. we didn’t buy anything for this, just threw together what we could find in the house… so it’s kind of a mish mash, much like my editing- there’s no unifying theme, I just edited willy nilly)
IMGP6133 IMGP6134
He just wanted to wear a cowboy hat.  :)
I’m quite proud of my braiding skills for Hazel’s round-the-head braid.  It turned out awesome on the first try (after watching a video).  I tried it again on Sunday and it wasn’t as good, because the first time her hair was already crinkly from french braids from the day before, which gave it more volume.  And then we added flowers.
IMGP6149 IMGP6151
Man, Ethne looks so cool.  I kindof want to color her hair all funky all the time.  Doesn’t she look like a wizard, casting a spell on you?
IMGP6153 IMGP6154
IMGP6161IMGP6165   IMGP6184
Ethne had an ornery moment, so I told them to all make mean faces.
IMGP6194 IMGP6197 IMGP6204  IMGP6247IMGP6231 IMGP6239
IMGP6262  IMGP6275
IMGP6284 IMGP6285
Okay, so not the best eyeliner work in the world—I’m not a professional, okay!  ha ha.  :)
IMGP6289 IMGP6290 IMGP6292 IMGP6293 IMGP6294 IMGP6295
Okay, so she found a charred stick and got it on her face, but I still had to post, because this was such a better place lighting-wise.  Look at how her eyes glow!
By the way, Jethro didn’t want to participate, which turned out pretty good since he stayed home and Orrin could nap. 
The end.
p.s. I was a little sad that I didn’t have any sisters close enough to come over so we could color our own hair awesome ways.

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Kami said...

Leo was even impressed with your photos. I loved them. You are a fabulous photographer!!! I really like the song too. I might have to buy that one.

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