Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hazel’s Baptism.

Hazel’s baptism was the 7th at 10:30 in the morning.

Squinting family picture.  Obviously I should have been a better photographer and found a shady spot for our picture, but really, it wasn’t THAT bright.


But the kids sure thought it was.


Another try.

IMGP5816  IMGP5821 IMGP5822  IMGP5829

Orrin didn’t want to be in the kid picture.


My favorite picture:

IMGP5835 IMGP5836 IMGP5838

IMGP5839-001 IMGP5843-001

IMGP5845-001 IMGP5844-001

  IMGP5852-001  IMGP5856-001

The whole thing went beautifully.  The only glitch was that I was giving the talk on baptism, and I forgot my talk at home.  Oh well, I firmly believe the talks should be short and it was.  Jethro surprised Hazel with singing a song (this one) and he did such a wonderful job.  Sister Fox, a sister missionary, gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and she said that she was really pleased to be speaking because her husband’s grandma’s (or something like that) name was Hazel Bell.  Melinda Burri and Elder Sanderson gave the prayers.  The primary president, Karin, gave a short thought about rainbows and now whenever Hazel sees a rainbow she is supposed to remember her baptism day.  Everything was so nice.

Then we had some good food.  I made this fruit salad, this poppyseed bread, this lemon bread, this raspberry cream-cheese bread (none of which Brett says we should call bread, but rather cake), and some sisters brought a potato salad and a veggie tray.  Everything was yummy and everything got eaten all up.


Lots of people here give gifts at baptisms, and Hazel got a lot of nice things, including a candy lei, a CTR ring, a puzzle of Switzerland (Brett was so impressed with that gift), a baptism journal, and quite a few bags of skittles (the little mormon store sells a few American candies that you can’t get here, like nerds and skittles and rootbeer).  She was a lucky girl. 

IMGP5875 IMGP5881

Another really neat thing Hazel got was this book.  Since none of Hazel’s extended family could be here, I was trying and trying to think of a way to somehow get them involved from a distance.  So this is what I came up with, and luckily my family was willing to do it.  My sister Kami picked out the book, and she and her husband and kids wrote a little note to Hazel inside.  Then they mailed it to Utah, and all the Utah cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents wrote in it, and then they mailed it to Arizona, and Canada, and finally to Vernal, where Brett picked it up and brought it home with him.  (The really sad part is that Brett was supposed to have the Vernal family sign it while he was there, but I only remembered to tell him about it after it was packed in his huge suitcase with a gazillion other books and things and he couldn’t find it.  But I think we will definitely bring it back to Utah with us when we go visit next summer and they can write in it then.) 


A funny thing was, after being totally on the ball and getting this going at a good time ahead, I then completely forgot about it, and one time my mom was talking with me on the phone and said something about having to get the book and then get it mailed, and I was like, “What are you talking about?” totally clueless.  Silly me.  (But then I was totally impressed with my good idea all over again. ;) )

I don’t know about Hazel, but when I read through the book, I was so so touched by everyone’s kind letters, and seeing all the handwriting that I know so well- well, it felt like all those people were there a little bit.  Megan’s doctor handwriting (which was quite legible, so she must have been taking great care) Mom’s perfectly gorgeous cursive, my sister Amy’s cute trendy-ish writing, Dad’s scrawl, Andrea’s fancy-looking writing that Hazel had to have me read to her because she couldn’t read it, Kami’s terrible chicken-scratch which I love because it may, just possibly, be worse than my own.  ;)  I also realized I don’t know Lindsay’s handwriting very well- apparently we grew up with email and cell phones, etc.  (or we just never liked each other enough to write notes to each other?)

And sweet little notes and signatures from cousins:


Aunt Lindsay Ann:


Uncle Wyatt wrote: Congratulations Hazel!!  You rock, I hope you have a great day and all your wildest dreams come true!

Mom wrote two whole pages bearing her testimony and urging Hazel to make good choices.  I think that if my mom could, she would do ALL the work for all her kids and grandkids to get them to heaven.  I think sometimes she wishes she could.

Grandpa said ‘I can’t believe that you are going to be eight years old.  It seems to me that your Mom shouldn’t be much older than eight but here she is with a beautiful daughter that old.’  Awww, so tender!  He also said to tell Jethro that he is supposed to be her personal slave on her birthday.

He even drew a self-portrait:


Danica kept up the Rasmussen Code of Cockiness Confidence by saying, “I miss you and wish I knew you better – but I already know you’re an awesome, amazing, special girl! (We ARE related :) )”

Uncle Kam, who has never even met Hazel, drew this cool picture that made me laugh:


So, the book was really neat- thank you sooooo much everyone who took the time to write in it and show your support for Hazel!!!!!

Ethne wanted to try on the princess dress:


The following pictures don’t have anything to do with Hazel’s baptism, but they were taken later on in the day, so I will post them here.

IMGP5906 IMGP5907 IMGP5921 IMGP5924 IMGP5925IMGP5883

The end.


Kris said...

What a great day! I love your hair and the book with the notes is such a perfect idea. Crazy that they are already 8, huh??? Hope you are all doing well!!!!

Steve and Katrina said...

that's funny, I was going to say how much I loved your hair in a side bun and someone already mentioned it. Well, it does look pretty great and makes me wish I had long hair to wear it like that.

I love all the pictures and it looks like just a perfect day. I can not believe Hazel is 8 though. I remember her when she had those chubby cheeks and was a sunbeam! Like those videos you posted. Yikes, Chandler will be turning 8 before I know it. Happy Birthday and Baptism to Hazel!

Christal said...

Baptisms, cavities hikes birthdays!! You keep busy love the pictures and the kids are getting way to big eh!! Thanks how I feel kolt will be 11 in december just crazy how fast they grow!!! Love catching up on life in Switzerland!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. Thanks - it helps me feel a little part of the celebration. the pic of Hazel and Brett is great. Love it. And I love the pic of you and Jethro - at home - you look so beautiful. I like the pic of Hazel and Ethne too. What a wonderful day.
Love you and miss you.

Andrea said...

Hazel looks beautiful! I love her dress. Maybe you mentioned it--did you buy it there or make it? Simply special for a special day. It sounds like it was wonderful and what a fun idea to include your family in the day via the book. Hazel will always treasure that.

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