Wednesday, July 18, 2012


So last Monday we got up bright and early and hustled out to the van for a 3-hour drive to Strasbourg, France.  We ate our breakfast in the van and the kids played ‘Mom and Dad.’  I think it is weird that my kids call it ‘Mom and Dad’ and not ‘House’—doesn’t everyone call it playing house?  Anyway, here are “Mom” and “Dad” smooching.

IMGP5930 IMGP5935

And then Brett and the kids toured this lovely Alsatian city.  Brett took pictures of the lovely timber-framed houses in the Petite-France district.

IMGP5941  IMGP5945 IMGP5946 IMGP5947

The kids asked Brett to ride on the carousel and he let them!

IMGP5949 IMGP5951 IMGP5953

 IMGP5954 IMGP5955

And they saw the big Cathedral.

IMGP5959 IMGP5960 IMGP5962 IMGP5963

IMGP5965 IMGP5966 IMGP5968 IMGP5971

They also ate lunch at Subway, which made me very jealous because I love Subway and haven’t been to one in two and a half years.  And why, you may be wondering, was I not there?  Because I was getting a cavity filled.  And why was I getting dental work done in Strasbourg?  Because, well, to start at the beginning, I knew I had a cavity, so I finally went to a dentist and got an x-ray and she told me it was really bad and hopefully wouldn’t need a root canal, but maybe, and she sent me an estimate of the cost and it – being Swiss prices—was pretty incredibly high.  Brett naturally refused to pay such exorbitant prices since most/all neighboring countries are a lot cheaper.  So we called our friends the Herrs and asked them what they knew about dental costs in France (since they live in France), and Thomas said, “Well, you know, my dad is a dentist.  You should go to him.”  So I did.  And he was really nice and said I looked like my sister Kami whom he met once when he was visiting Thomas and Jenny in Chicago when Kami lived in Chicago and was their friend too. 

Anyway, at first I thought it was kindof cool to hear the dentist and assistant speak French and have a really nice office with huge windows, but then the drill sounded pretty much just as annoying in French as it does in English.  ;)  But now my tooth is better and I saved about a thousand francs (thank you Dr. Herr!!) and we got to go to Strasbourg!

IMGP5976 IMGP6071

Anyway, after I was finished at the dentist, Brett came and picked me up, and then we drove back across the border a little ways to a camping store where Brett bought a cool tent.  If we had been thinking, he would have done that while I was at the dentist, and then we would have had time together to look around Strasbourg, but oh well. 

Anyway, after that we went to… duh duh duh DUH—Monkey Mountain, where we hung out with monkeys and fed them popcorn.  Pretty much what I do every day.*

IMGP5978 IMGP5980 IMGP5994 IMGP5998 IMGP6001 IMGP6003 IMGP6006 IMGP6008 IMGP6009 IMGP6013  IMGP6015

Baby! (But no feeding babies or the adult they are with.)

IMGP6025 IMGP6028 IMGP6030 IMGP6035IMGP6031IMGP6037 IMGP6040

Orrin loooved the monkeys!  This was him pretty much the whole time.

IMGP6052 IMGP6055

I was even there too!


After that we got some pizza (and I got a tomato and mozzarella baguette panini, which made me feel a little better about missing out on Subway) and made our way home.

The end.

*That sentence was taken directly from my friend Dru’s blog when she went to Monkey Mountain (which is where I got the idea) but I thought it was so fantasticly funny I had to use it too.


Andrea said...

Quit monkeying around and get to work!!!

Rachael said...

I love the fact that you went to France to have your dental work done! That's just really cool for some reason. looks like you guys had way more fun in Strasbourg than we did! (My parents dragged us past all the street vendors to see the cathedral...when we came out all the food was gone! I was so peeved to miss out on all the juicy sausages and frites.)

Ginger said...

Hilarious! I fed my monkeys popcorn today too.

Kristi said...

monkey mountain! wow. that is so crazy!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your tooth fixed. Looks like a fun trip - even with the dentist visit.

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