Monday, July 16, 2012

Brett in Utah.

Here are some pictures from Brett’s trip to Utah.  (Which, of course, happened before we went to Italy).  I stole most of these pictures from Facebook.

Bride and groom- Kris and Mason – plus the Bell siblings.Bellfam

Whole family.  How sad that me and my family aren’t there!!


Brett’s brother Bryan, his wife Jessica, and their kids.


Brett’s sister Jan, her husband Clark, and their kids.


Brett’s sister Marcey and her kids.  Her husband couldn’t come, so she and Brett had to be each other’s dates, just like me and Ethan had to.


Uncle Blakey and some cute girls.


Blake and Julia (and Baby Bell).


The whole family.


Brett got to visit with our bestest friends the Merryweathers.  Also he visited our friends Andre and Deanne from Indiana (who now live in SLC).  I was so jealous!!


These next pictures are from Brett’s phone. 


Brett had picked up a travelbug from a geocache sometime, so he took it to the States with him.  He took Harleigh, Conner, Sandy, and Oscar geocaching with him in Vernal so he could leave it.


Outside the cave.


Big huge ice tower in the cave.


Now you can see how huge it is because of the kid to the left.  Brett had never been to nor heard of this place in all his years in Vernal.  Pretty cool.


Brett told me he was pretty impressed with himself because while he was in Vernal he went out and shot prairie dogs and shot more than he thinks he ever has in one go.  Also, his cousin brought his new gun, something like a .45 caliber Glock pistol (if I said that wrong, forgive me, I don’t know what I’m talking about and Brett isn’t helping me very well), and no one else could hit the target and he hit it twice. 

Also, he fixed our Suburban and worked on his dad’s tractor.  He welded- which was one of the things on his list of things he wanted to do.  He road his *other* motorcycle.  He went and visited my parents for a little while.  He picked up lots of things for me and packed them home again.

When he came home it was honestly like Christmas.  He had clothes and a few toys and lots of books that we got to play with.  I was totally excited because look:


practically a whole shelf of books, just for me!  Sooo awesome!

And that was his trip to Utah.


Steve and Katrina said...

Hahaha, Chandler has had a running commentary while I've been reading your post and he is very hung up about the cave. He just asked, "are you sure these people are real who take these pictures?" in all seriousness.

I can see how it would feel like Christmas when Brett came home.

As jealous as you make me feel with all the cool things you do I can see how hard it must be to be away from your stuff and your family. Anyway, glad at least Brett was able to go becuase missing a siblings wedding would be sad.

emily ballard said...

Next time you are in Utah with your family, let's meet up and you can take us to see that cave, okay? Except I am sad to say my kids are not nearly as good of hikers as yours are. We'll work on that!

Ginger said...

Those look like great books. The forgotten garden is fabulous, and I'm working with the kids in the parenting breakthrough. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

It was good to see Brett's family again -- if only in pics. It was good to visit with his Mom and sister and kids. Mom

Anonymous said...

It was good to see Brett's family again -- if only in pics. It was good to visit with his Mom and sister and kids. Mom

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