Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Business Trip to Italy

Brett had a conference in Pisa for about a week, so we decided to make a trip of it.  We booked a nice little place that looked like this:

IMGP5569IMGP5559IMGP5565   IMGP5571IMGP5599  IMGP5600IMGP5593IMGP5583 IMGP5575IMGP5563IMGP5587 IMGP5591IMGP5603IMGP5550

Yeah, pretty much beautiful. 

The kids spent almost all day every day in the pool.  Even after multiple applications of sunscreen, they became very red and crisp.

IMGP5556 IMGP5594  IMGP5612

When they had to, they retired to the [uncomfortable] couch and read.IMGP5602

Talmage enjoyed the little mattress.  He almost fell asleep on it once.


Once Ethne got waterwings on she was a little fish.  She and Hazel did awesome cannonballs.  Seeing a little skinny thing like Ethne doing a cannonball is pretty awesome.

 IMGP5616 IMGP5617 IMGP5618

Also, there were two pretty German teenage girls-Hetty and Charlie- also staying at the apartment, and Ethne and Hazel became fast friends with them.  That was actually pretty great, because they really kept them entertained a lot of the time, swimming and talking and sharing treats, and Ethne even came away with some mascara from one of them. hmmm. 

I did Hazel’s hair in two pretty tight french braids the first day, and we just left them in for about 3 or 4 days, and every day they got more and more condensed and they pulled up and curled out on the bottom.  It was pretty awesome.


The first afternoon we got there we went to the beach.  It was fairly crowded and not the very nicest beach ever in the world, but the kids had fun.

IMGP5544 IMGP5529 IMGP5530 IMGP5532 IMGP5538 IMGP5539 IMGP5543

Another night that we could rip Brett away from work we went to find a geocache.  At first we parked and started walking…

IMGP5632 IMGP5634 IMGP5639

and then we realized that we had a LOOOONG way to go, so we got back in the van and drove over some awesome dirt roads to this cool foresty place.

IMGP5643 IMGP5644

And then we came out of it to the beach.  It was a much cooler beach than the one we had gone to earlier, and we wished we had come here first.  We never found the geocache, which was fine since we had just wanted to go see a cool place, and we did. 

IMGP5655 IMGP5654IMGP5657 IMGP5664

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay too long because we hadn’t fed the kids dinner yet and it was getting close to bedtime.  So sad.


Now, looking at the pictures I’m positive you think we had an enchanting time.  And, I think the kids did.  I, however, was not so impressed with business/pleasure mixing.  When I go on vacation, I want to PLAY!  Brett had to be at the conference quite a bit, and when he wasn’t at the conference he was working on his talk for it (which was the last morning).  Which means that I was in charge of watching all the kids at the pool in the heat (it was realllly hot!) all day long, but not really able to get in myself or do much else.  I did read quite a bit, which is always good of course, but whenever Orrin was awake, I couldn’t because I didn’t want him to drown.  (Not that I wasn’t always watching all the kids, but most particularly Orrin.)  Anyway, I know that sounds completely whiny when it was as beautiful as it was, and sitting at a pool reading a book isn’t a hardship, but I just wanted to explore more and play more. 

Anyway, we got gelato before we left and it was delicious, although it was RUNNING down my hands because Brett had stayed by the van while I went around the corner to get it.  Luckily there was a fountain where we could wash all the kids off, since it was rather like soup for them.  Mmmm, gelato is good.


Steve and Katrina said...

I'm so happy to see posts from you again. I missed you!

I have to come and tell you that I'm so jealous of your cool trips. Yeah they aren't to visit family but they are still totally awesome and make me jealous. I'm always whining to Steve about how cool you guys are and the cool things you do.

Even though you wanted to play more think about how lonely you would have been back at home with Brett off in Italy. Super cool you got to tag along on business. But I totally get how you felt like you were still stuck watching the kids and not off exploring.

Megan said...

Where is the picture of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?? Looks like a cool trip!! Kids are getting big! Love you tons!


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful place. the purple flowers - vine thing is absolutely beautiful. Nice place to lay in the sun. Glad kids had a good time and glad you are safe in your travels. Love you. Miss you. Mom

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