Thursday, June 7, 2012


So, we went here last Saturday:

We went with some awesome people from our ward, Dru, Keith, and their son Josh.  It was a ton of fun to hang out with them.  They are fellow Utahns/Americans here in die Schweiz. 
IMGP4549 IMGP4556 IMGP4559 IMGP4562 IMGP4564 IMGP4570
I don’t think what we did classifies as a hike, it was pretty much a walk.  But it was a long walk, and oh so beautiful!
Oh, and I have to add this in here because I forgot when I posted about the hike that it actually happened on, but it’s too good to forget.  So Talmage was standing on the trail, peeing into the bushes and some people come around the corner towards him, so he starts running/waddling away- with his pants still down around his legs.  His face!  Oh it was so funny.
IMGP4577 IMGP4578 IMGP4583 IMGP4589 IMGP4599 IMGP4600 IMGP4602 IMGP4610
I just love love loved the fields with the wildflowers.
IMGP4606   IMGP4617
And we made it to the lake!  It was so beautifully blue and clear!  It actually reminded me a lot of the Plitvice- it was that beautiful.  A lot smaller though.  You could see all the fish and things on the bottom.
 IMGP4626 IMGP4630 IMGP4632 IMGP4637
I told Josh and my kids that we would see a mermaid, and they didn’ t believe me, but we walked around the lake and behold!  (How dare they disbelieve me!)
IMGP4641  IMGP4649 
There was a plaque that told her story—she’s not actually a mermaid, but a woman whose lover died and in great sadness she came to this lake every night and cried into it, giving it the brilliant blue color.  Unable to move on, she also died of heartbreak.  And then an artist made this sculpture in honor of that legend.  I like it.  Very dramatic.
I’m so glad we got there before the sun was behind the mountain—the sunlight was so beautiful!
IMGP4654  IMGP4657
We roasted wursts and ate smores provided by Dru and had a great time.  There was a great playground for the kids.
IMGP4664 IMGP4667
We went and looked at the trout farm close by, and got to see goats too!  Bonus.  Talmage was so funny.  He was standing right by Brett, and then one goat came close, so he went around to the other side of Brett, but there was a goat there too, so he was a bit freaked out.  Later in the car I was talking to him about the goats and I said, “You were a little bit scared of the goats, weren’t you?”  and he said, “No, I was a LOT scared of them!”  ha ha.
IMGP4675 IMGP4677
Then Brett took the bus back to where our van was parked (in Frutigen) and drove back to pick us up, so we threw rocks in the river.
IMGP4684  IMGP4701 
And swung on the awesome swing.
IMGP4707IMGP4705 IMGP4710 IMGP4714
We went for another walk around the lake (pond?).
There was a bride and groom posing on the bridge.
IMGP4728   IMGP4732 
I let the kids put their feet in the FREEEZING water, and Hazel and I had a competition to see who could keep their feet in the longest and she won.  So this is her face of nonchalance with her feet in the frigid icy water.
Jethro was also very good at it.
IMGP4738  IMGP4743
And then we went home.  The end.


Anonymous said...

Hazel ---- you were the winner of staying in the cold lake when Grandpa and I were there!!!! Wahoo! Good job Jethro!!!!! What a gorgeous walk and love those clear lakes. It is like the chain of lakes Dad and I canoed around in Northern BC. Dad loves how you roast warts wherever you go! (I think he's jealous!) haha
Miss you and love you tons. Mom R.

Shelane said...

Some day when you come back to the states, you're going to be so disenchanted with our super lame playgrounds.

Also, does it mess you up to have Orrin in a shirt that says Talmage? I can't keep my kids straight even in their own shirts.

Dru Davis said...

Great Pictures!
Great Family!
Great Day!

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