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Today was a nice day.

Brett and I were going to go to the temple in the morning, but we couldn’t find a babysitter, so we decided that just I would go.  So I got ready and drove to the temple to find that it was closed.  When I got home Brett said, “Oh yeah…it’s closed for two weeks.”  Oops.  :)

Then, we really needed to go buy diapers because we had to scrounge around to find one for Orrin this morning (none in my purse or diaper bag, but we found one in the baby backpack-carrier.  How much do you want to bet that next time we’re hiking and need a diaper there won’t be one in there?), so we went to Aldi and came home with a huge bunch of groceries (I cleaned out and organized my closet/pantry this week, so I felt like we could stock up on some things), but… NO DIAPERS!!!  Sigh.  Crazy kids we are.

IMGP4775 IMGP4776

Then we had lunch, and then Brett went to help some people move.  Then we he got home we went out to find a geocache.  I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so adventurous, so I didn’t change into play pants, and Hazel just had sandals on.  It ended up requiring quite a bit of bushwhacking, down the side of a steep, wet hill, so it was pretty exciting.  At this one part, it was really steep and muddy, so Brett was standing kindof at the top, giving each of us a hand as we scrambled up.  So I was holding Orrin at this point (we hadn’t even brought a backpack for him) and Brett gave me his hand and I started to go up, and my feet slipped and I did that awesome feet-running-in-place thing and would certainly have fallen if Brett hadn’t had me.  Ha ha.  But we made it.  The cache was by a little cave, but we didn’t go in the cave since it was full of water. 

We headed back to the van a different way (i.e. not the trail), and a couple of the kids got stung by stinging nettle, and Brett got schocked by an electric fence, and he let out a loud yelp which gave me a start, and we had to go over/under a few fences and through a muddy cow field (the kids are quite scared of cows ever since one charged Ethne, so that was pretty frightening for them), and for some reason it was so very exhilarating to me to trespass not be on a carefully marked and tended Wanderweg.  I really enjoyed it.  Very fun afternoon.

Then we came home and Brett started making some dinner of scrambled eggs with onions and green peppers and mushrooms and potatoes and tomatoes (it was sooo delicious!) and when he was just frying the onions and green peppers  I came in from the bathroom where I was bathing the kids and smelled it and it made me feel like I was a kid again at home.  Apparently I associate the smell of frying onions and green peppers with childhood? My Dad does really like eating pepper steak a lot… hmmm.  That reminds of when we were on our walk to Blausee we passed this little old stable/barn and I stuck my nose in the window to see if there was anything interesting inside (there wasn’t), and it smelled JUST like my grandpa’s barn—super old and leathery/animalish/barnish/old and I told all my kids to come smell because it is my favorite smell ever.  Dru smelled too and she’s like, “You like that smell?”  :)  Of course—it’s the best smell ever!

Anyhoo, then we got the kids into bed and I cut Brett’s hair, and now I am here, talking to you. 

These next pictures are from yesterday.  We have had a really wet wet wet rainy week ever since Sunday.  And it’s supposed to continue until Friday.  Sheesh—this is June!  Anyway, rain means no fun, right? Except if you go out while your mom’s not looking and start puddle jumping.

IMGP4792  IMGP4797 IMGP4802 IMGP4803 IMGP4805 IMGP4808  IMGP4809

Talmage would come run by the girls, and the would squeal and try to get away because he was splashing them, and he would laugh SOO HARD.  It was hilarious.


I love how Talmage talks.  He says his r’s as l’s sometimes- like ‘gleen’ for green, or ‘icecleam’ for icecream. 

Brett’s leaving on Wednesday to go to Utah for his sister’s wedding and a visit.  He’ll be gone for 10 days.  He’s leaving me here, can you believe it?  Rude person.  Oh wait, you say I did the same thing to him in December?  Yeah, so-- what’s your point?     ;)

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