Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ready for my husband to come home.

I’m tired.  I need my husband back home again.  And now Jethro is gone too.  His class went to Kandersteg for Landschulwoche- meaning, Week Where your Class Goes Someplace Cool.  Kandersteg is the valley which contains Oeschinensee, Blausee, and the Klettersteig (climbing place).  I’m thinking he’s going to have a good time.  I hope so, anyway.  And I miss him.  Our family is shrinking by the minute.

I’ve been seeing some strawberry stands around town, so I knew the strawberry farm would be ready for picking, so one day I took the kids (except Jethro), and two of Hazel’s friends to the farm.  Unfortunately it was closed that day.


It was still a nice walk.  And we saw a cool chicken.


On Saturday I took the kids to the pool.  It was fun.

IMGP4997 IMGP4990

So I got strep throat again, so I took all the kids in to the doctor and he took a swab from them all and it turns out that all of them except Jethro have the strep bacteria although they don’t have symptoms.  So the doctor gave us ALL antibiotics so that hopefully we’ll kill it off and I won’t keep getting it over and over.  (Thanks to friends who tipped me off that this might be the case.  The doctor would never have offered to do this on his own, it was at my suggestion.)


Cutest pictures ever:

IMGP5011  IMGP5013 IMGP5014 IMGP5015 IMGP5018

The other day I felt the need to take a picture of my muscles.  My inner 18-year-old boy coming out?  When Brett and I are brushing our teeth together, we often flex (usually at my insistence.)  This picture was actually really difficult to take, as in order to show off my big right-arm muscles, I had to hold my really heavy camera with my weak, muscle-less left arm. 


This morning Talmage and Orrin and I made it to the strawberry farm and picked some (quite a lot—I got carried away) delicious strawberries.  Orrin was a fan.  He’s SOOO CUTE!

 IMGP5521 IMGP5522

Only four more days until Brett comes home.  Come on, I need some comments to give me a diversion.  (Yes, I certainly do accept pity comments.)


Dru Davis said...

Okay, so here is your diversion. Your kids are too cute. Your arms are buff, I want arms like that. And I'm so sorry you have been sick. Too bad your rotten visiting teachers weren't any help. Can I do anything now?

Andrea said...

That last standing picture of Orrin looks just like Blake to me. Hmm.

Go get some writing done. Do it.

Rachael said...

Your arms look so awesome! So funny thing about being buff on one side from carrying kids around--I just found out that's what's been causing some weird problems I've been having with my knee. Dang kids!

Christine Merrill said...

I wish my kids had liked blueberry picking like yours liked strawberry picking. They seriously cried the whole time. And they claimed they didn't even like the berries. Hosers.

Kami said...

Kayli, I'm so excited your husband is here in the States because I'm SUPER excited to be getting a package in the mail!!!!!!

MerryPair said...

I don't know if it will help that I could say that we saw and spent time with Brett and all his family! It was way fun to see him, but I was sad that we couldn't see the rest of you guys. Of course Drew was trying to convince him to get a job at the U so that we can be friends again. Those boys need each other! I have some pics of the occasion...remind me to send them to you.

Anonymous said...

You muscle is the size of a walnut which is definitely bigger than an almond. Keep working on that!! we will see Brett Friday if that helps; maybe we will ride the nags to the tower for a scenic view of Cache valley!! By the way, we will eat red licorice on the way all in your honor--are you feeling cheerful yet?

Love ya

Ginger said...

I had strep last week and an ear infection. Rough. Loren is gone too, he's at Scout Camp for the week. I'm sick of it.

Was this supposed to be your pep talk or mine?

Missy said...

I hear you with husbands being gone. Ben was in NYC for 10 days and by day 9 I was run into the ground. And yes, I only have one child.

Crazy about strep! I didn't even know that was possible. Though I guess it's good that your kids have no symptoms...right?

Alissa said...

I'm a lefty, so my left arm is my buff arm. Sucks about the strep. I've only had it one time but I was pretty sure I might die.

Also, I do very badly when I have to go without the husband. As in, I throw myself a big old pity party and temper tantrum. Not pretty.

Alissa said...

I'm a lefty, so my left arm is my buff arm. Sucks about the strep. I've only had it one time but I was pretty sure I might die.

Also, I do very badly when I have to go without the husband. As in, I throw myself a big old pity party and temper tantrum. Not pretty.

Dorispinto1001 said...
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Anonymous said...

I totally understand about the strep. My family was doing that to until I took them all in and did the same thing as you. Turns out that one of my kids is a carrier for strep but never had symptoms. Eventually they took his tonsils out. Haven't had strep in 4 months which is a record at our house!

Mary said...

I'm glad you're on the path to a strep free home! Sadly, the next step is to have everyone retested after the meds are done. I think you have to wait two weeks after meds are done or else the test won't pick it up. Of my two strep carriers, Dave was cured after one round of meds. But Steve took three rounds of meds to cure. Happily, no one got strep after they both completed the first round. If you can't cure a strep carrier after three rounds of meds then it's time for a tonsillectomy. I was able to cure Steve one week before his ENT consultation. We've been strep free for a year and a half!

You are an awesome mom! Keep us the great work!

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