Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blood and gore.

If you want some quality—and quantity—time with your child, just throw them against the wall or something so they get a gash in their head and then take them to the hospital where you can hang out together for the next 4 1/2 hours.  :)
So on Tuesday, the kids came home from school and we were out on the deck with a little nature mobile thingee that Ethne had made, and then Orrin started getting into something out there that he wasn’t supposed to, so Ethne picked him up and carried him inside.  Just inside the door she tripped and they both fell and started crying.  I came in and picked up Orrin and started chastising Ethne for carrying him around because she’s not big enough, and then Jethro’s like, “She’s bleeding!” so then I dropped Orrin (not really) and turned my attention to the bleeding one. 
It didn’t bleed for very long, but as you can see (OF COURSE I took pictures of it), it was quite deep.  So I called Brett, who works right next to the hospital, and I took the other kids to our downstairs neighbor and drove Ethne to the hospital and then Brett drove home to be with the kids while I stayed at the hospital.
 IMGP4748 IMGP4751
I’m always so surprised that kids can have a gaping wound on their head and yet play and act like they don’t even feel it.  I guess they don’t.  Anyway, we had a good time waiting and waiting and waiting and looking at books and Ethne totally lucked out because the clowns come to the hospital every Tuesday afternoon, so she got a little show and two balloon animals. 
I told her she had to be brave when she got the shot-which she was quite nervous about- and then I would get her an icecream, but they ended up using a numbing gel, so she basically didn’t have to have any pain at all.  Kids these days—no fun at all.  :)  Three stitches and I even watched them put them in (but I didn’t look when they were opening it up to check the bone, that was my undoing last time) without getting the least bit woozy.
All better! :)
(I was thinking maybe I should make a category for blood and gore…)

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Anonymous said...

Ethne - you poor thing!!!! I am glad for you that it was not too bad of a cut! Grandpa said you cleaned up real nice!!! I am glad you got to see the clowns to make you happy and smiling again. Love you. Grandma R.

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