Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pictures w/o music.

I wanted to also post these pictures by themselves (not in the video).  IMGP4038 IMGP4051 IMGP4065IMGP4098 IMGP4106 IMGP4112 IMGP4131 IMGP4137IMGP4155 IMGP4145 IMGP4159IMGP4162IMGP4169 IMGP4194 IMGP4179IMGP4207 IMGP4211IMGP4221 IMGP4228 IMGP4234IMGP4280IMGP4236 IMGP4249 IMGP4264 IMGP4282 IMGP4283 IMGP4284 IMGP4292 IMGP4293 IMGP4311 IMGP4312IMGP4262 IMGP4333 IMGP4337 IMGP4338 IMGP4341 IMGP4347 IMGP4358

I love these pictures.  I thought it was funny when I showed them to Brett he said, “I don’t like the fuzzy ones.”  But I was going for a certain feel- and the out of focus ones are pretty to me.

We really did have a fun time taking them too.  Hazel’s funny.  We were going to remember to borrow Jethro’s CTR ring, but of course forgot, so I let her wear my wedding ring because I thought if I really felt like it I could try to photoshop in a CTR emblem (never going to happen), then she dropped the ring and we had to search for a long time before we found it, sitting right in front of noses on a leaf on a bush.   Also, she really wanted a picture with a Book of Mormon too (she had seen pictures of other kids holding one) and I forgot that too, but luckily a lady in our ward came out of the temple while we were there and we asked her if she had one, and she did.  Hazel also made me take the picture by the big tree trunk, and she didn’t want her flower headband on after a while.  The evening was beautiful-oh that gorgeous sun- and the wind was blowing quite a bit, so we got all those fun wind-blown hair pictures.  And driving home I only got sort of lost.  :)

So, the dress.  A long time ago (I was actually on top of things- way to go me!) I was thinking about if I wanted to get a dress for Hazel for her baptism, and I saw a dress on pinterest which I loved, but was very very expensive.  So I thought about asking someone to make it for me.  My sister Kami was my first thought obviously, but she said her husband made a rule of no more sewing for family.  :)  I think it’s good though, because she should be able to sew just for herself for fun. 

Anyway, then I thought of a friend who I knew had worked at a wedding dress shop doing alterations and things, so I just asked her if it would be something that could work.  And it was fabulous- she asked me by email about different options of fabric and how I wanted it cut and things like that.  I sent her Hazel’s measurements and it turned out really really really great for much much less money than if I had ordered the one online (she used coupons for fabric and things whenever she could).  She lived near Kami at the time, and she even dropped the dress off at Kami’s house so Kami could bring it down to Arizona for Amy’s wedding, where I picked it up. 

So, if you ever need something like that, I highly highly recommend her.  Here is her facebook page with her contact info: http://www.facebook.com/BraveTailor

We even ALMOST met- she went to Arizona right before I was there for my sister’s wedding.  Too bad, it would have been fun.  We were meant to be friends as she has red-headed kids and a daughter named Hazel too.

p.s. Any opinions on which picture I should put on her invitation, since it’s apparently impossible for me to choose?


Rachael said...

I love them all, but I think the very first two are my favorite. Good luck--that's a tough choice! She is such a doll.

Shelane said...

I like pic #25. (I know, have fun counting because now I forgot which one it was. Oops.)

Red heads with hazel unite!

Steve and Katrina said...

So when you posted the video I meant to comment but never actually did. I made all sorts of comments out loud about how amazing the pictures were. And you said feel free to gush over her, well, you don't have to tell me twice. So beautiful and the light and the dress and everything is perfect. I love it all so much! You're amazing.

Alyse and Carlos said...

So gorgeous! I love it!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful pics of a beautiful girl. Have fun choosing!!! Mom R
I know what l like but you and Hazel have to like it.

Anonymous said...

I like the pic 4194 and pic 4162 and 4333 ---- but it is so hard because each one has a good part to it!!
Good to talk to you. Love you tons. Mom R

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