Monday, March 14, 2011



Today we didn't send Hazel or Jethro to school in the morning because we had received two notes from their teachers that due to some teacher's meeting or something, classes were cancelled in the am today and tomorrow.  So I took the kids on a long walk--it was really nice, Jethro whittled spear tips on sticks for everyone with his new pocketknife, we had a nice lunch of Raclette, and then I sent Jethro to school for the afternoon (only Jethro has afternoon on Mon, not Hazel).  Well, then Brett called me and said, "So, I didn't have my cell phone on me earlier today, and then when I checked it I had a message from Jethro's teacher and apparently he should have been in school this morning."  Ooops. 

I'm not sure what happened exactly, except that probably we got Jethro's and Hazel's notes mixed up, so the days were wrong?  Anyway, I take no responsibility as I don't read German, so I was not the one reading the notes.  (I love having a good excuse! (okay, okay, except after Brett read the first note, I probably just assumed I knew what the second one said))  (Oh, and our phone for some reason was unplugged today, so I didn't get the teacher's phone call this morning.)

So when Jethro came home, we asked him what his teacher said, and he said, "Oh, you just have to write a note to my teacher apologizing."  Oh really?  Alrightey then.

I'm homeschooling. 

Not.  :)

Also, one of the weeks in February was their sport-holiday, so they had no school.  Then the next Monday, I sent them to school and they came home and said there was no school-it was still holiday until the next day.  At least one other kid was there looking puzzled, so that made me feel a tiny bit better. 


Why do these things keep happening to me?!

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Alyse and Carlos said...

1. Only the best moms encourage their moms to stay home from school--I always told my mom, "no, I can't go shopping today, I have to go to school!" I liked that she wanted to hang out and would miss me. :) Not that you're encouraging truancy, but that could be cool--unless you got arrested. THAT would be a great story.
2. I completely feel your pain about playing the wrong song in Sacrament Meeting. One time after the 2nd speaker was done, I got up to play the intermediate hymn (not having understood that the counselor in the bishopric had just explained that there wasn't enough time for it--and Carlos was sick, so he wasn't there to translate for me, so I didn't know not to go up). The whole ward watched as I walked up to the piano and sat down, and the Bishop's wife grabbed me and had me sit by her on the front row. Can you say embarrassing???? Now when I play I do not budge from my seat until I get "the nod"--which the ENTIRE bishopric does a little too enthusiastically. And that's impressive because usually you wouldn't know they were even awake. :)
3. I've been trying to convince Carlos that I NEED to go to Switzerland, but I don't think it's happening--which makes me sooooo sad, because I'd love to see you and your family, and I guess Switzerland too (as it looks incredible!). But I have not yet given up hope (yet) and I'm still looking up airline tickets.
4. Snow shoeing is very hard--I admire your stamina! Climbing a mountain is hard enough in regular shoes.

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