Sunday, March 6, 2011


Scariest. Dragon. EVER.



IMGP6658 IMGP6659

IMGP6662 IMGP6666



IMGP6673 IMGP6675



IMGP6681 IMGP6682

Wait a minute, it’s just a little boy.  Not a dragon at all!  Still scary though.  Scary how CUTE he is!!!IMGP6687 



Kami said...

Love it!

Charlotte said...

A-dorable! You take such awesome photos of your kids!

jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jessica said...

Hi, this is Brian and I just read the report on our little incident where I ended up with the black eye. I don't remember punching anyone, I think I was too busy disarming my foe of his knife. If you recall Kayli's comment about how he reached around Devonee to hit me you can see I was clearly at a disadvantage. At that particular time in Devonee's development her head to body ratio was completely off. I didn't stand a chance of seeing that fist coming at me!! Luckily though, after I was down those boys were still outnumbered by our recruits (yes, girls). I think I really hurt the hand of the guy who gave me a black eye though. I work out my eyelids a lot by blinking all the time. A subtle offense really

nicole said...

I love the one of him standing at the edge of the table looking over his shoulder. Classic.

Christal said...

so dang cute!!

Kristine N said...

He's got a future in the WWE (formerly known as the WWF).

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