Thursday, March 3, 2011

I take too many pictures.

1. The other day there was a little bit of snow, so I told Jethro to go gather some up and build a little snow lantern.  It was so neat looking glowing in the dark.  Next year I want to remember when there’s more snow, and build a whole bunch all around the yard. 


2. Here’s Orrin giving his raised eyebrow look.  He gets that from his Grandpa Rasmussen.


3.  Here’s some pictures of Hazel.  She’s cute.  She gets that from her mother.  :)  (Okay, you’re right, she looks just like Brett.  So?) 

 IMGP6018 IMGP6032

4.  This is Talmage and his girlfriend Janice.  They’re best buds because they’re the only two Nursery kids.  They really do like each other a lot—Janice talks about Talmage all the time.  And I’m sure if Talmage could talk, he would talk about Janice.  (Isn’t she so cute?)


5.  Aaaaaaaah!


6.  Chillin.  (What pretty eyes!)


7.  Raised eyebrow again.


8.  This is not really that great of a picture, but I think it’s funny how their expressions are similar.


9.  This is Hazel the other day when she fell on her way home from school.  She landed right on her nose on a rock.  She was close to her friend’s house, so her friend’s mom had her inside and had cleaned her up by the time I got there after Jethro and Hazel’s friends came and got me.  But when I was washing out the wrist of her sweater there was a LOT of blood.  Poor little thing.  I kept harassing her, saying she shouldn’t fight tigers and bite them and get blood all over herself, and she kept getting really annoyed with me.  :)


10.  This is cute little Orrin in suspenders!  I love them!  I have to tell you, before I had him, I really wanted an outfit with suspenders, so I found a place online where I could order baby-sized suspenders, and I was just waiting for a while before I placed my order.  Well, then I happened to go to a second-hand kids’ store right in Bern, which involved taking the bus and walking with the stroller to find it, and when I got there it was closed.  It was frustrating, but I happened to spy, hanging in the window, little suspenders!  So I came back later and got them down, and looked through all the pants and found the pants that they snap on to!  It was meant to be!  They’re so adorable.  And I made another little bow-tie for this outfit.

 IMGP6251  IMGP6270 IMGP6275

It’s tiring being that cute.


11.  The other day Talmage wanted to go outside really bad, but I told him no-we couldn’t go out right then.  He started bawling and then stomped off, and when he came back he looked like this (coat on upside down, Jethro’s soccer cleats).  It was sooo funny.

IMGP6285 IMGP6287

12.  I love her smile.


13.  This has got to be one of my all-time favorite Hazel pictures EVER.  She was inspired to draw pictures of everyone in her family because she saw her cousin Ana’s pictures here.  But this picture of Brett is simply AWESOME.  It’s the spitting image of Brett.


And this is me.  I like how she captured my every-day standard outfit—blue jeans, grey shirt, slippers.


She drew one of herself, and then lost interest before finishing everyone in the family.  Which is too bad, because these are sah-WEET pictures.

14.  We had Brett’s boss and his family over for dinner on Sunday.  It was a fun time, and they were so sweet and brought little presents for all the kids.  Ethne’s little butterfly mask is so fun.  But what they brought for Talmage is sooooo incredibly awesome that it will get it’s own post.  Be waiting…it’s AWWWESOME.


15.  Kids chillin, watching some cartoons.


Smile.  Awwwww!




More smiles.

IMGP6524  IMGP6533 IMGP6537 IMGP6540

Eyebrow.  (And I love Talmage in the background.)  :)


This one is so pretty!


Cute smile again.


16.  So these are called Nanos.  They’re the hot item for Swiss kids these days.  One of the main grocery stores, Migros, gives one out with each 20 frank purchase (I think).  They’re like a little pill-shaped plastic tube thing with a metal ball inside, so they’ll turn over kindof like a slinky, and you can stand them up and stack them up and so on.  Well, Jethro and Hazel have a fairly good collection, and not from me, mind you.  But people in our church who don’t have kids will save theirs and give them to Jethro and Hazel, and every day the take them to school to trade them and what not.  Certain days if you go to Migros you can get ‘Super Nanos’ and different things.  It’s intense.  (Are they in the States?  Has anyone seen these elsewhere?)

IMGP6583 IMGP6586 IMGP6588

17. This is Talmage making a bridge over troubled water.


Yes, the bathroom tile is awesome.  Blaaaaaaah!


18.  More pictures of my sweet baby.

IMGP6624 IMGP6627

19.  We had Lions for lunch today.  I got the idea here.  She has a whole bunch of fun ideas like it.

IMGP6638  IMGP6639

20.  Me and my baby.   


The end.


Jeff & Alisha said...

your kids are so cute. hazel is just beautiful. that eyebrow is amazing.

Andrea said...

When did Orrin get that big????? Crazy. Tell Hazel her nose bleed was awesome. I was impressed. No, no stacking weird pill creatures around here. And Orrin looks like a Newsie. But that is no surprise because so does Jethro and Talmage.

Rachael said...

Your children are some of the few that I actually think are as cute as my own. Which means that yours are absolutely adorable even without the mother bias. :-) Want to know a secret? When Isaac was born, I thought, "He almost looks like Talmage! I hope he grows up to be as cute as Talmage!" Which is kind of odd considering I don't think I've ever actually seen Talmage in real life.

Kris said...

Orrin's eyebrow trick is so funny! Love the picture of Talmage with his coat upside-down and Jethro's cleats. Poor Hazel! We have things called Mighty Beanz kind of like those Super Nanos. I can't wait for Callie to start smiling! Your kids are just so dang cute!

Lynn said...

Yup! Mighty Beans are what they are called here in Canada too. My kids have collected them for years. We now have them in storage for the grandkids....although the boys said that they still claim them and NOT to give them away to any grandkids. LOL.

Funny how you took pics of your kids when they were made and annoyed at you. I think it's hilarious that they still stood there and posed for you. TOo cute. Hope her nose is feeling much better!

Anonymous said...

Kayli, I meant to comment on this post a couple of days ago, but I was at Mom's. Anyhoo, I love how Talmage's coat is--that's how Isabel puts her coat on every time!!! Too funny. And poor Hazel. And beautiful Hazel. I love how you've been doing her hair. And Ana liked the pictures she drew. And you rock. Kami

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