Sunday, March 13, 2011


My kids are so lucky to have such a GREAT daddy! (And I'm very lucky to be their great daddy's wife!)

Orrin is so happy! He is such a great smiler/laugher! It's so fun to play with him.

Ha ha Jethro! (And nice hat by the way. It's a University of Bern hat that Brett was given.)

Today was very nice. Not perfect (I had to get after Jethro I don't know how many times to finish his job of doing the dishes, or stop harassing one of the other kids, etc.), but still so nice.

One of the nice things was when I was lying on the couch with Brett and I told Hazel to come and tell me a scripture story. So, she thought and then told me about Daniel being thrown in the lions' den. I was impressed because she remembered some of the lesser-known details, such as the King fasting through the night when Daniel was in the den. So then Brett asked her to tell us about David, and she started out with the part where the prophet Samuel comes to Jesse's family to choose the next king, and they all supposed it would be one of the older sons. It was just so cute and heartwarming to hear her tell the stories.

Then Jethro came over and I started telling them about a story I like in the Book of Mormon, but ended up reading it straight from the book (since I don't trust myself to remember some of the smaller details like Hazel did). :) We read in Helaman about Nephi and Lehi being imprisoned and then when the guards came to get them to slay them, they were encircled by fire and then everything that happened after that. Very neat. It seems it's a story not so often related. So that was nice--really really nice. We hardly ever (never?) just curl up and read the scriptures "for fun" like that, and I have to wonder why I don't make sure we do, since it's so wonderful.

Then we had dinner and made caramel popcorn and watched 'Legacy,' which is one of my favorite movies ever. Pretty much I start to cry as soon as the music starts and keep crying throughout the whole thing. I have such admiration and respect and gratitude for the early faithful members of the church who were so courageous and true through INCREDIBLE hardships. I love the power I feel from the hymns that always remind me of them, "Come, Come, Ye Saints" and "The Spirit of God."

And now I'm going to bed. And I'm promising myself that I won't let Sundays like this be a rarity.


beSlightlyAskew said...

i wish i had more sundays like that...

Andrea said...

Sounded nice. Hazel is seriously the spittin' image of Brett. So much more obvious when their faces are together. Still, the winner pic, is Brett and Ethne. Maniacs. And a close runner-up is the pic of Brett's and Talmage's hands.

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