Friday, March 4, 2011

10 Deep, Dark Confessions

1. I liked it a lot better when all I knew about nutrition was the (old) Food Guide Pyramid. The one that said all you have to do is eat the grains, vegetables and fruit, some dairy, and go easy on the treats. I still believe in it. Now there is so much more information—whole grain wheat is good, the refined stuff isn’t. Eggs may or may not be good for you. High fructose corn syrup will kill you, this and this will give you cancer, etc. etc. etc.

I LIKE white bread so much better than wheat. I LIKE eggs, and milk, and meat!! (And sugar, by golly!) And so if you learn any new about breakthrough about nutrition—yay! good for you-- but please don’t tell me about it.

2. Sometimes when I’m draining the sink after doing dishes I pull out the little drain screen and let the stuff go down the drain. Rather defeats the purpose of having a drain screen thingee, doesn’t it. (Shhhhhh! Do NOT tell Brett!)

3. I try my best to avoid unpleasant things such as housework, exercising, etc. Which reminds me, a while ago we had some friends over for dinner and they were asking about our neighbors. They asked if we knew anyone in the building we can see from our kitchen window, and I said “They make me feel bad.” And they said, “Why?” And I said, “They clean their houses all the time! I always see them wiping down their windowsills or shaking out feather dusters or brushing off shoes. It makes me feel guilty.” My friend said, “You should just bring them your shoes.” :)

4. In all my years being married I’ve never tried to decorate Brett’s and my room. When we lived in Indiana I did work on the kitchen, front room and the kids room, but nary a spot of paint or drapery went up in my room. Not even a picture. Completely bare walls. No ANYTHING. Not that I don’t think I would enjoy having a nice looking bedroom, I’m sure I would, but it’s just that it’s really not a priority, and the process of decorating isn’t all that fun for me. But sometimes I look at our bare room and think I’m not doing my womanly/wifely duty. Oh well.

5. I love popping zits. So much so that sometimes if Brett happens to get a big one on his back he’ll “save” it for me, because he knows for me it’s like getting a present. I don’t know why, but it’s very fun and satisfying to pop gunk out of a big ol’ zit. The end.

6. I don’t even really try to keep up on current events and I have almost no clue about politics. The extent of my knowledge is generally the headlines I see before checking my email. I feel quite guilty about this actually.

7. Two things I love about having kids is clipping their nails and cleaning their ears out with q-tips.

8. Years ago if I were asked if I like to try new things, I would have answered yes. Now, I must admit that I think I usually don’t.

9. I don’t believe in salmonella and will eat raw-egg laden cookie dough with nary a care.

10. Sometimes, actually very RARELY, I wish I just had a normal hair color, like dark brown. I could wear any color clothes and I would stand out less. Don’t worry, I’m still a member of the Redheads Rule club. But you know, occasionally I have bad thoughts. ;) (My cousin always said “I’d rather be dead than red on the head” and taught it to his little red-headed niece when she was little.)



Sarah Harrington said...

Fun Kayli facts! (And I don't get the zip popping!) It's kinda gross, I know, but I also love to peel skin. If someone's got a sunburn they know to let mom peel it and peely feet are such a treat. Ok that's really gross. Thanks for the secrets ! :) And by the way, your red hair is BEAUTIFUL!

Sarah Harrington said...

Correction- I meant to say I totally get the zip popping. It's like a rush when you finally get it. Anyhoo... I guess that's probably enough about that.

Christine Merrill said...

I totally feel the adventurous one - I used to be so adventurous and loved trying new things. Now I have to make myself do it, just so that I won't turn into a boring, stuffy old woman.

Kris said...

We are more a like than I thought! :) Did you used to love peeling the dead skin off of your feet when you were little like I did? I LOVE cleaning ears, clipping toenails, plucking unwanted facial hair, and yes, even popping zits on Kent's back! And AMEN to the food confession and politics, although I DO try at times to be good in both areas. And one way that I'm different is that I have tried to decorate my room, although not as much as the other areas. Thanks for sharing!

Rachael said...

Sometimes I wonder if Neil would remember to cut the kids' nails if I died. I have this vision of them going around with yellowed claws.

Natalie said...

I was pretty much nodding my head the whole time...I was just thinking about the nutrition thing yesterday after I read a post by a friend. She's very on the ball and I am not. I couldn't decide if I should care or not (make any changes) so I've been mulling it over. I was glad to hear a perspective so similar to mine. Amen on everything else, except the hair color, because mine isn't red.

MarySquare said...

I also have nothing on my bedroom walls. I hate decorating in general. My main goal is "clean and put away" and I'm not always successful at that so adding cute and decorated to the mix is too much.

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