Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not much.

So not too much is going on.  Yesterday we went to Ikea and, as we always do at Ikea, ended up getting stuff we didn’t intend to.  Good thing we don’t go there very often.  Then we drove home and were hoping to find a grocery store that was still open so we could buy some bread.  No such luck.  I’m still not used to all grocery stores and department stores and everything closing at 5:00.  Where is my 24-hour Wal-Mart?  Not here, my friends.  Oh well.  We survived without bread for one day.  Also, I had wanted to take Brett to this second-hand kids store earlier in the day to pick out snow boots and shoes for some of the kids who need them, and after the kids came home from swimming lessons and Brett came home from mountain biking, it was about noon, which was when the store closes on Saturdays.  Ruff.  How do they make any sales?  It’s maddening.

This is a game of Sequence on a Sunday night.  I like how hard Ethne is concentrating.




These are my kiddies.  Cute, aren’t they?Nov 10

The end.


Tracy said...

VERY cute kiddos! Oh how I miss thee, Kayli! Come back and play volleyball with me!

Megan said...

Yes, they are very cute. Talmage is a heartbreaker.

Anonymous said...

Isn't interesting how all of your kids' eyes are shaped exactly alike! And Jethro and Hazel's noses are the same. But Ethne's nose is shaped a little different.And in these pics, Talmages' nose is more like Ethne's. They are so cute. Cute. Cute. Mom R.

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