Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just things.

Here’s a couple random tidbits from the last while. I know I’ve forgotten a whole lot’o stuff I had meant to tell, but oh well.

1. We bought a blender. We’ve had a lot of fun making yummy smoothies.IMGP1246

2. Crocheting is my new hobby. I made Talmage this hat. It was so cute. Then I decided I didn’t like it all that much, and unraveled the whole thing. I used the gray yarn to make Jethro’s hat (which he lost within the first week. Ruff.) Brett said, “I thought you thought it was cute?” and I was like, “Yeah, but funny-cute, not cute-cute.” (Shaking his head) “Well, you can unravel and remake hats all you want. Be my guest.” It was kindof dark for these pictures, but you get the gist.


IMGP1265 IMGP1270 IMGP1271IMGP1266IMGP1276IMGP12793. Jethro got in a bike wreck and scraped up his knuckles and nose. We patched him up, but that night at dinner I told him I was suspicious. A bike wreck, and he injures his knuckles and nose?? I’m a bit suspicious that it was a fistfight he got into… So then he posed for me. :)

IMGP1299 IMGP1301 4. Jethro and Hazel started gymnastics. Jethro wanted to do soccer, but unfortunately it was on the days that he had school in the afternoon. But he was excited for gymnastics too. While I was watching him, I saw him start to get frustrated when he couldn’t do something right off the bat, and I started thinking that it would be good for him to have something that made him practice and work to accomplish. Then I became very alarmed when I realized I was was hearing the exact same lecture my mom gave me I don’t know how many times about practicing piano. Whoa.

Hazel doing a somersault.


Jethro doing a handstand (with a lot of help).


Hazel on the bar.


5. Often, comparing yourself to others is detrimental, but sometimes it can actually be really good. Brett and I had to go get Swiss driver’s licenses—something you have to do within a year, can it really have already been a year?!—and since we both had had our licenses renewed within the last two years, they couldn’t use them as proof that we had enough experience. So we had to contact the Indiana license branch and send them a form and $ so they could send proof of our having had licenses for longer, etc. It all seemed really lame, until we found out our friends home had been robbed, and among the things stolen was their file cabinet with all their official documents, social security, etc. After that, I felt that our small bit of paper work was quite breezy.

6. Talmage can now say please. It sounds like, “bees.” SO cute.

7. He bit Ethne’s thumb so hard today it bled.

8. He pushed a little grocery cart at the store today and kept trying to sneak extra food in. I think it’s actually really amazing how well he navigates his little cart. He’s way better at it than Hazel ever was –heck, still is (heaven help the people in the way when Hazel has a cart). Maybe it’s true that boys are naturally better drivers.

9. Hazel’s little-girly-princessy-pink stage is officially over. Her favorite color is now light blue. Pink isn’t even in her top few. The other day she told me she wanted to be an actress, but not to go in a princessy-barbie movie, but “a aventurous one, like Narnia.” And she says that her best friends at school are boys.

10. I guess that’s all the tidbits I have for today. Tschuess.


Kris said...

Jethro is looking more and more like Brett now! And Harrison LOVES to push around those little carts in Payless and sneak food in. In fact, a few weeks ago he snuck in a couple boxes of cereal (sugar ones of course!) and I thought it was so funny, so I just went ahead and let him keep them in the cart. Morgan is still very girly, princessy and I don't see an end to it in the near future. Wow! Almost a year! Crazy, huh?

Andrea said...

I don't see Miriam ever exiting the girly/princessy stage. Emeline, on the other hand, will never enter it.

I liked the hat. It looked North Dakotan somehow. Or Scandinavian. Well, that is pretty much the same thing, come to think on it.

Since when did you get crafty? Crocheting?????? Sometimes you are weirder than I expect. Than I remember Dad and it all makes sense.

The end.

Christine Merrill said...

What on earth is in that smoothy?

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